Friday, December 30, 2011

A Year of Blogging

Eleven months ago, on a cold winter night, my babies slept sound in their beds and
my husband sat beside me, learning a new song on his guitar.  I had just returned to
work from a blissful maternity leave and was going through a major transition in my
journey through womanhood.  Balancing my time between being a mother and wife, a
nurse and a home maker, yearning for a way to express it all and maintain a record of all
the experiences in between.  Late that night, I started a little blog, completely unsure of
what a blog even was.  I had no expectations, no idea what I wanted it to be.  I just wanted
a space to call my own, a place to write the words that were dancing around in my heart,
an outlet to be me.  
And so this blog was formed.  I have fallen in love with blogging, with the friends I have
made through this experience, with the connections I have formed through sharing my
story.  It has been quite an adventure and I thank you all for embarking on it with me.
Here's a little peek into my baby blog's first year...
I opened my heart to the big wide internet world, struggled to find balance between being
a mom and being a wife, and learned what Valentine's Day is really all about thanks to
my precious Isabelle.
We welcomed the first days of spring by spending time outdoors, I talked about
Isabelle's struggle with school and how we took some very pro-active steps to help her.
This is a topic I hope to share more about in the very near future.
Shawn and I went on our first post baby date, we planted a beautiful garden in our back
yard, we learned more about Isabelle's ADD diagnosis and developed a solid plan of
action, Isabelle turned 7 and helped me plan an amazing party to celebrate, we celebrated
our first Easter as a family of 4, and I began one of my favorite blogging features:
The Girlfriend Guide.
I took some time off work to just be present in the moment with my family, we
celebrated Cinco de Mayo: Vasquez tribe style, we hosted our extended family for a
big Mother's Day celebration, took Belle on a special picnic in the backyard, began a year
long project to renovate our back patio, let Brees roll around under the sun with her
new kitten, Shawn and I enjoyed a day off work together, and Isabelle finished the
first grade.
We began our summer by hosting Music Sundays with our best friends, cheered Isabelle
on for her 3rd dance recital, experienced a horrific public breast feeding incident, spent
time with family, shared a day in our lives , started Brees on solid foods, spent lots of time
in our back yard swimming pool, and I took care of some of the most amazing and 
inspiring patients.
We celebrated the 4th of July with some of our oldest and dearest military friends, I made
the decision to leave my job at the hospital and try out the home health nurse role,
Isabelle got her first library card, we tried our hand at 'vlogging and my accent was
exposed, the girls enjoyed playing together as their bond grew stronger, I learned how to
curl my hair the healthy way, and we celebrated my 32nd birthday.
We enjoyed a day on the water with friends, I reflected on the evolution of our marriage
as told through my pajamas, I felt guilty for days after Brees took a tumble, we giggled
over how much we all look alike, Isabelle started the 2nd grade, and my girlfriends and 
I spent time together with our sweet babies.
Shawn and I took the girls on their own special date days, I answered some of your 
questions, talked about my experience with pumping, enjoyed a day at the
Children's Museum with our cousins, Brees started walking, I had a special afternoon
all to myself, and Shawn and I celebrated our
11 year wedding anniversary.
I talked about our philosophies on discipline, Shawn's family came to visit us from
California, we attended the local Art Walk in support of my brother and SIL, night 
weaning when it seemed almost impossible, Shawn and I took our first overnight trip
away from the girls, and we celebrated Halloween.
In anticipation of Brees' first birthday, I shared about our experiences with: raising 
two, breastfeeding, finding routine, baby wearing, and bedding close.  We had a party for
our big baby girl, I attended the midnight premier of "Breaking Dawn" and made
an embarrassing appearance on the local news, and we took a road trip to visit friends
for Thanksgiving.
We celebrated Christmas big time by taking a trip to meet Santa, decorating our house
from head to toe, making gingerbread houses, hosting a holiday party, and enjoying a
relaxing Christmas Day together.  
Putting this post together was a wonderful way to reflect on this last year and all that we
have been through, the many ways in which we have grown.  But it was also a great way
to see where this blog has come from, where I want it to go from here.  This blog is about
our family, our hopes and dreams and stories.  If there is something here that you can
relate to, something that brings comfort to your heart, then we are blessed that much
more.  Happy New Year, friends.  Here's to another year of life and love!

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Anonymous said...

I can say this was a fantastic re-discovery of an amazing year. You have inspired me many ways and still will as long as you will write . It was a great time to catch up on the months I missed, laugh, cry and realised how much I am blessed to have crossed you and your family path.
All the best To you all for 2012 and many wonderful moments, much love to be shared and enjoyed. Take care.

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i am so glad you started a blog. i love meeting amazing and inspiring women like yourself. :)

Caitlin said...

So glad you started your blog, and I loved reading this recap :) Sounds like you've had a very full year, and I can't wait to see what next year brings for your lovely family :)

Randalin. said...

These photo's are beautiful and the recap is great! I've loved following your blog this year and getting to know your little family.

Wendy said...

Happy blog anniversary! Mine was a couple weeks ago as well. I've loved getting to know you and reading about your beautiful family! You are a very inspiring person.