Thursday, September 1, 2011

Seeing the Beauty

This past weekend was all about girl time: hanging with my two best friends and their
babies, snuggling with my loves, enjoying our time together before Shawn returned
home from his work trip on Tuesday!  While he was away, we tried to make the most of our
daddy hiatus and celebrated our estrogen filled house in true girl power style: manicures,
romantic comedy movies, and a Mamas and Babies Pizza Party.  We missed Shawn so
much and anxiously awaited his return but it is important to us to keep the energy
positive and the outlook real: life is what you make it.  And when Daddy's away,
the girls will play...
These photos are all courtesy of my sweet buddy, Cade.  This angel boy is my best
friend Jessica's son and I have been his honorary aunt since he was in his beautiful
mama's belly.  Shawn and I love him as though he were our own boy and he and
Isabelle share a very special bond.  
Cade has a form of autism known as Pervasive Developmental Disorder.  Basically, he has
had delayed speech and social development and has trouble in certain social settings.
This one glitch in his otherwise perfect DNA has never stopped him or his mama from
living a full and beautiful life, however.  Cade is well traveled, an amazing reader, and,
more recently, a budding photographer.  He has developed a love for the camera, taking
great pride in photographing his loved ones and capturing moments he finds beautiful.
The smile that spreads across his precious face when we hand him a camera is priceless
and the artist in him takes over.  I love looking at these photos: they are a glimpse into
his mind, a window to his soul.  These are the moments he found frame worthy,
the experiences worth remembering in his heart.  He may not always be able to
express himself through words effectively, but he can show how he feels through a
photo in a way that captures us all.  Cade is a shining example of God's love
and presence in our lives.  His innocent and pure soul are a gift to us all.  I really,
really hope Santa brings him his own camera this year so that he can delve even deeper
into his new found passion.
Here are a few more photos captured by my boy, Cade:
I especially love the big girls watching a video on an Iphone (hello, technological
generation) and Brees getting caught being mischievous (undressing herself AND
attempting to climb the stairs).  It was an amazing girly good time and my heart feels
full every time I look at these photos.  And best of all, we have our Daddy home now, all
safe and sound, to share our relaxed spirits with.  This is what it's all about: enjoying
each moment for what it's worth, keeping that glass half full, seeing the beauty in the
simple things.  I hope that you are all having an amazing week, wherever you may be... 


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time with girlfriends! And awesome pictures, well done Cade!

I love the sleeveless tee you're wearing, very sweet.

Vic said...

these are the moments...and i think that it is so amazing when a child takes photography and falls in love with's truly a great piece of art! xoxo

Caitlin said...

What a blast! And i think it's great that people are much more aware of PDD and how best to engage kids! I loved this post, so much happy!

Lindsay said...

I love that you had a girls night while your hubby was away. I love that Cade has developed an interest in photography and can use it as a form of expression. I love that you mentioned your daughter watching videos on her iphone. My friends baby is 18 months old and knows how to push the correct buttons on her dvd, and plays a game on her moms iphone. I am baffled by this.