The Tribe


My beloved husband of over 12 years, best friend, 
most trusted confidant.  Survivor, defies all odds, miracle man.
Amazing father, musician, writer, inspiring man. 
Lover of tattoos, guitars, poetry, and life. 
Read about how it all started here.


Wife, mother, Registered Nurse, Massage Therapist. 
Lover of photography, antique furniture, 
ballet, music, and herbal tea. 
Positive thinker, fearless living, flower power earth mama.
Dancer, dreamer, soul searching over-achiever. 


Our 9 year old free spirit.  
Creative, vivacious, energetic, imaginative ballerina. 
Storyteller, diary keeper, artistic butterfly. 
Lover of coloring, performing, writing, and all things pink. 


Exploring, discovering, active busy bee.  
Full of laughter, love, and light. 
Content, mellow, soothing energy.  
Lover of dirt, reading, and being held close
 to the ones she loves.


Cooing, loving, cuddle loving boy.
Biggest fan of breast milk, being held in his sling, 
and napping on Mama and Daddy.
Smiling, laughing, shining star.

This space is where I store all of my ramblings 
about our family’s adventures, my hopes and dreams, 
and the experiences I hold dear as we 
navigate through this life.  
Thank you for visiting, feel free to stay a while…