Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Though our weekend was short and our time together limited, it was full of smiles
and beautiful moments.  Here are a few of my favorite things, in a glimpse...
1.  Babies in skirts...
I keep telling Brees to stop growing so fast but she is obviously not listening.  Our
precious, smiley baby girl is walking and babbling and parading around in pretty floral
skirts.  My heart just flutters every time I look into her sparkling eyes...
2.  My new Missoni for Target head scarf...
My grandmother wore head scarves almost every day: around her curlers while she did
the laundry, over her beehive when she drove me to school, matching her shift dress
while she made dinner.  She was the most elegant woman I've ever known, even
while performing the most domestic tasks.  I know she's smiling on me right now as I
wash my dishes with my pretty silk scarf on.  I know she's saying, "Well done, mon cher.
You look tres jolie while taking care of your family."
3.  Isabelle's growing passion for reading...
This busy second grader has been reading every book she can get her hands on.  We've
been making countless trips to the library and she is pouring through stories with
a vengeance.  It's so exciting to see her develop a love for the written word, a love
Shawn and I both share.  
4.  Sunday afternoon football with my mama...
With Shawn away for work, we enjoyed a girls' afternoon with my Mama.  We ate about
a thousand calories and cheered our New Orleans Saints to victory.  My Mama is one of
the most hilarious people I know and an afternoon with her wit and sarcasm is guaranteed
to leave your belly sore and your smile glued on from ear to ear.
She bought Brees her very first cheerleader uniform, here she is practicing her moves:
Here's to the things that make us smile, big and small, past and present.  Here's to seeing
the beauty and love all around us and living a life we can be proud of.


Kelley, Brendan and Baby Brix said...

That Saints cheerleader outfit is TOO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

How great - definitely a lovely week-end! Love the cheerleader outfit on Brees...she is so cute!!!
Last photo is precious - so many things to be happy about, isn't it!

Sarbear said...

So much wonderfulness. I think your last line is so important.."living a life we can be proud of". Regardless of if it fits anyone else's expectations, as long as we're proud everything else can fall away. So wonderful.


Caitlin said...

Aww! I love the headscarf and the baby in a skirt, too adorable! Plus your kitchen looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Such a cutie little cheerleader. One of my best friends is a saints fan and i wear a fleur de lis is on my necklace in honor of her :D

Love that headscarf! I wear scarfs too :)

Lindsay said...

Love this post. You have inspired me to do a things that make me smile post too. I will give you a shout out when the time comes!

Anonymous said...

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