Friday, September 9, 2011

Sweet Friday

This weekend marks the beginning of a VERY important time of year for our family:
Football season is here, my friends, and we are beyond excited!  The sounds of the high
school football games floating through the Friday night air, big Sunday dinners with
family and friends and game day around the big screen, pizza parties on Monday nights
to celebrate the prime time game, trips to New Orleans and all the energy of the Dome,
the comraderie you feel with other fans.  There's just something so amazing about coming
together with your family and friends and witnessing some of the world's greatest athletes
go head to head: Shawn calls it the game of life.
{A bunch of very happy Cajuns, rooting for our Saints}
Shawn played football throughout junior high and high school and is a wealth of
knowledge when it comes to all things sports.  I spent every year from 6th grade until
my senior year on the sidelines of the football field, yelling "First and ten, do it again, go,
go!" and dancing my heart out in support of my boys.  I'm southern, football is in my
blood.  Cajun people get excited when we are given any opportunity to celebrate, eat
fattening food, and cause a ruckus.  Football meets all of those criteria.
{Our growing family at the Superdome, taking Belle to her first Saints' game.}
We think of our family as a team, each and every one of us is essential to the success of
the game.  I look forward to this time of year so much, spending the whole afternoon
snuggled up on the couch, yelling at the TV  and laughing at how ridiculous we are.  I
love listening to Shawn school Isabelle on the details of each play, Monday morning
recaps with my coworkers, smack talking with our out of town family.  It's just so
absolutely fun and we are so ready for another year!
{Brees, 5 days old, enjoying our first Sunday game day as a family of 4!}
Here are a few posts from some of my favorite blogs, describing fun ways they enjoy
spending time with family and friends:
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And just in case you didn't gather just HOW excited we are...
Have a wonderful weekend, friends, enjoying whatever makes your heart happy!


Raechel @ Our Island Outlook said...

Wow - look at that big group of people! How fun!

The guys in my family are really into sports but we have a Bears vs. Vikings rivalry. The women don't pay much attention to it so I can't imagine how fun experiencing a sports event can be with the whole fam involved!

Love the picture of you in front of the field with little Brees in your belly. I thought of you today when a friend on FB mentioned be honest (I'll duck, in case anyone wants to throw anything at me) I am unsure which one he is but I am off to find out. ;)

Caitlin said...

Thanks for the link love, my lady!

In Maine football is relatively big but we don't have our own team per se (just the Pats, and they aren't underdogs anymore so we don't really care). I didn't grow up with sports so aside from Super Bowl parties I didn't have much exposure to football. If I had to pick a sport I wanted to watch all season though, it would have to be hockey...much more fast-paced. Don't hit me but football bores me to tears because they stop every 10 yards, haha!

But I love the significance of it to your and your family, and how it is one more thing that binds you lovely people together. In that way it becomes so much more than a sport and I think that's just awesome. :)

amy@agoodlife said...

you guys are so cute! we are big football fans here too. i love ALL things fall, & football is definitely one of my favorite things fall!!

Anonymous said...

Huge football fan too! I was born in Green Bay.. Its like a rule, if your from wisconsin you gotta be a packer fan lol

Hope you have a great weekend!

Remy said...

My family is big on football too. They're all Giants fans. :D

I'm more of a Hockey girl meself!

Little Gray Pixel said...

I love this whole post -- but most of all I love how PUT TOGETHER you look 5 days after Brees' birth. I'm pretty sure I didn't bother to wear anything besides super comfortable maxi dresses for the first two weeks. And I certainly didn't do my hair.

Then again, this comes from the person who's right now as she's typing this wearing a comfy maxi dress and has her hair back in a headband. Ha!

Hope football season treats you and the Saints well!