Monday, May 9, 2011


Monday morning here and I am spending a quiet moment on the porch with a cup of tea while Brees naps.  I am still reflecting on this weekend, the beautiful women in my life and their company, the inspiration they so gracefully provide me with.  As I looked around on Sunday, staring into the eyes of these mothers, friends, family, I realized that there was a piece of myself in each of them.  They have all influenced my journey to becoming a woman, shared parts of their beings with me.  My aunt's graceful nature, the way she can entertain a roomful of people effortlessly, with such great class.  My cousin's laugh, her ability to always see the positive side of life regardless of her situation.  My mother's strength and courage, her confidant demeanor.  My godmother's nurturing presence, her ability to mother us all so selflessly and take joy and comfort in doing so.  This tribe of women forms a collective unit, a family of unconditional love and support.  And we give of ourselves to each other, making each other better people.  
And it is in reflecting on these women that brings me to reflecting on myself.  What of these lessons am I now sharing with my own daughters?  Are my words and actions encouraging positive attributes in them?  The fabric of our family is growing and the threads that bind us together now hold these sweet little ones.  My happiness is not just for the good of my heart, it is for the good of these girls.  If I can continue to grow and become a healthier, stronger woman, I can bring to them the love they deserve.  
And so another week lies before us and I feel so inspired and energized.  Ready to be the best person I can be, ready to try something new and not be afraid to fail.  Ready to step into this life full force, arms wide open, heart fully alive.  


Vic said...

simply gorgeous! happy belated mother's day:)

Kerry McCullough said...

Beautiful post. And nothing like sitting on a porch with a cup of tea. I'm jealous :)

Joyeful said...

What a beautiful family of women :) Glad your mother's day was special!

It's wonderful to meet you! Thank you for all your sweet comments! You have a lovely little spot here :)