Monday, May 23, 2011

First Grade

On Friday afternoon, when I picked Isabelle up from school, she ran to the car at full speed and barely made it inside before yelling, "I did it!!!  I'm going to the second grade!!  And I get to learn how to write in cursive!!  WOOHOO!!!"
Do you remember that feeling?  The excitement you felt at the end of the school year?  Summer fast approaching, the anticipation of moving on to a higher grade?  My eyes swelled with tears as I held her close, my sweet girl growing so fast.  
The first grade, what a year it has been!  We have watched Isabelle evolve and mature this year into a beautiful young lady.  Witnessed her learn so much about herself and the world around her.  Here's a look back at another memorable school year...
This was the year of reading and writing, learning how to tell time and count money.  It was the year of first slumber parties and Valentine's Day crushes.  Hopscotch at recess and basketball in the gym.  Passing notes in class and trading friendship bracelets with classmates.
Isabelle studied ballet and tap with the dance studio she has been a part of for four years.  She practiced and perfected her plies and arabesques and delved even deeper into a passion we both share.  She became involved with our local Girl Scouts troop and participated in multiple events throughout the community, learning to give of herself and her time.  It is so important to us that she be involved in activities that bring her joy and teach her about using her talents for a greater good.
We were so fortunate this year to go on several exciting trips with her class.  Shawn and I made every effort to travel with her on field trips for school, including a safari trip at a local wildlife park and a day at a local farm.  We also brought her to a class at the hospital where she learned some very important lessons about being a big sister.  The class helped make her feel involved and essential in her role as a sibling.  Learning outside of a classroom and getting hands on experience is so valuable in stimulating children.
Her friendships really blossomed this year as she more clearly defined who she is and who she enjoys spending quality time with.  She is a true social butterfly and loves having friends over, going to parties, and meeting up with girlfriends at after school activities.  We learned this year that little girls in this age group can sometimes bully each other and become quite cliquish, so we had several conversations about treating others with respect and seeing the good in everyone.  We can only hope that she takes these lessons to heart and continues to be the friend that everyone can count on.
We created some really special memories this year, from cheering on our favorite football team in the Superdome to celebrating birthdays and milestones.  We had special Friday night movie parties, built forts in the back yard, and learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels!  
As we all anxiously awaited the arrival of our new baby girl, we set aside special days for Isabelle.  It was important to us to make her feel loved and special but to also be excited about our growing family.  She was one of my biggest supporters throughout my pregnancy: working on scrapbooks with me, shopping for baby clothes, and helping me pack for the hospital.  My second pregnancy was a beautiful experience that we all shared, together.
 And of course, the biggest event this year: Isabelle became a big sister.  Our friends and family worried that, after being the only child for six years, she might be jealous and unhappy with the newest member of our family.  However, Shawn and I knew better.  Isabelle embraced her little sister from the moment their eyes met.  She is my biggest helper and loves caring for her sister: helping with bath time, changing diapers, reminding me to bring the diaper bag I so often forget.  She is still not very keen on Brees touching her Barbie dolls, but that is to be expected.  I can not wait to watch those two become life long friends. 
Here's to the first grade, Isabelle!!  You worked very hard and overcame a lot of adversity.  You were kind to others and a big help to your Mom and Dad.  You went on lots of adventures and learned so many new things.  We have a wonderful summer planned and I can't wait to see what this family has in store next! 


che'lyssa said...

How lovely! Congratulations on going to the 2nd grade Isabelle! What a sweet family!

che'lyssa said...

How lovely! Congratulations on going to the 2nd grade Isabelle! What a sweet family!

soulstitching said...

I was just saying its been amazing to watch her grow up. She is truly growing up!!

I am glad I get to witness it.

Adriana Iris said...

TY so much for sharing... I just love her smile. Congrats guys!

andrea said...

Oh wow, this is such a special little gift for Isabelle. She is going to love reading about this stuff when she is older. YOu have a beautiful family. Keep building happy and special memories, Isabelle!