Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Story Time Picnic

Yesterday, after we put Brees down for a nap, Shawn and I took Isabelle outside for some one on one time.  She brought her favorite book, "The Disney Princess Collection", and we all laid down on a blanket under the pecan tree.  We listened as she read to us about castles and dreams came true, held hands as we gazed at her peaceful smile.  The wind blew lazily through the trees and the setting sun warmed our bare feet.
There was no time, no pressure, just love.  Isabelle has been so patient and gracious since Brees arrived, rarely if ever complaining about having to share her parents with a new little sister.  But there still need to be moments devoted to her, time for us to give her our undivided attention.  Every member of a family needs that, deserves that.  We are a unit, we coexist in each others hearts.  But we still need to take time out to give each person the spotlight, at least once in a while.  Simple reminders of our love for each other is what keeps us in balance, what keeps us strong.  And though we are not always mindful of these things and sometimes fall short, we must always aspire to give the best of ourselves to each other.  All in the name of love.
When we tucked her into bed that night, she hugged us extra tight and thanked us for the story time picnic.  And we all agreed to have more afternoons just like that.  Afternoons under the trees, date nights for Mama and Daddy, cuddle time with the little lamb.  That's really all a family needs to stay strong:  making TIME for each other.  And I promise to do everything I can to make those moments happen as often as possible.

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Elizabeth {e tells tales} said...

Love that you made special time for her. She'll always remember that.