Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Day in the Life

A day in the life of the Vasquez Tribe,

as told by the one they call "Mama"...

6 am:  Daddy is up and ready for work.  Brees wakes up right with him, slobbering on
Mama's face and giving sweet baby kisses.  She nurses and Mama drifts in and out of
sleep.  We kiss Daddy bye-bye and cuddle in bed for a while.
7 am:  Reluctantly out of bed we go, settling in the living room.  Brees has just discovered
TV and likes to glance at it from time to time while she's crawling around.  We had to
put a quilt on the fireplace because she has started pulling herself up into a standing
position and her favorite spot is the brick fireplace.  ER visit waiting to happen.  We
play on the floor and wait for Isabelle to wake up.
8 am: Isabelle AKA The One Who Sleeps comes down the stairs and is greeted by a
very happy little sister.  They play together while I get breakfast ready.
8:30 am:  Brees is ready for her morning nap.  Off to bed she goes.  Isabelle and I sit
down and have breakfast together.  I drink my first cup of tea and will the black circles
under my eyes far far away.  Isabelle watches a few morning cartoons, I catch up on
emails and blogging, laundry and dishes.
10 am: Brees is up, nurses, we all get dressed and ready for the day.  We put her in her
Jump Up in the bathroom doorway.  Otherwise, I would be wearing my old Grateful
Dead t-shirt and dirty hair all day.
10:30 am:  Off we go to run errands.  
Post office, bank, grocery store.  Riveting stuff!  Isabelle asks me a million and one
questions and tries to convince me to buy everything in the store.  I forget the Ergo
and am too germaphobic to let Brees sit in the cart so I put her in the infant seat on top
of it.  Germaphobia goes into overdrive when every single passerby then walks up to
our cart and touches her.  She seems pretty happy with all the attention.  
12 noon: We arrive home and have lunch.  Isabelle feeds the baby while I get
everything ready and unload all the goods.  Thank God for little helpers!
1 pm:  Brees goes down for her afternoon nap.  I sneak in a few more chores.  Belle and
I head up to her room to play a game of Monopoly Junior and discuss important topics
such as her love for Justin Beiber and what color she wants to paint her nails
after bath time.
2:30 pm:  Brees wakes up, nurses.  We do some laundry and play in the
girls' rooms.  Brees likes to crawl back and forth between her room and Belle's, when
she's willing to unglue herself from my hip, that is.  
3 pm:  We head outside for a swim.  We live in Louisiana where its 97 degrees outside
with 100% humidity.  The water is our only salvation.  
4pm:  Brees goes down for a nap.  Isabelle and I grab the baby monitor and head
back outside.  I read a book and/or write while Isabelle rides her scooter on the drive
and plays with the dogs.
5:30 pm:  Brees wakes up, nurses.  We gather in the kitchen.  The girls play while I do
dishes and prepare supper.  This is what I refer to as "The Witching Hour".  It's loud and
a bit chaotic.  I do my best to keep them entertained, thus avoiding any melt-downs.
When in doubt, bribe them with treats.
6 pm:  Daddy's home!  He is smothered in hugs and kisses and then grabs a quick shower.
We gather around the table for dinner.  That night was pizza night,
Isabelle's favorite.  
6:30 pm:  Bath time for the littles.  
7 pm:  Time for a little music before bed, courtesy of the very talented Daddy.  We all
lounge around the living room, talking about our days, reading, singing, dancing, watching
the few and far between family appropriate TV shows. 
7:30 pm:  Bed time for the littles.  Teeth are brushed, stories read,
lullabies hummed.  
8 pm:  Shower for Mama.  Time to hang out with Daddy, catch up on our day.  We
usually watch a little TV, Shawn plays guitar, I catch up on emails/blog, we read.  No
photo for this one, Daddy is tired of my camera.
10 pm:  Brees wakes up to nurse one more time before its officially lights out.  We all
climb into the big bed, Daddy leads us in our prayers, we kiss each other good night,
and get ready to do it all again the next day!


deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i love brees' 'good morning; face! we have that pool as well. best purchase ever!

here's a link for the leg warmers.

when i bought them, i got a three pack for $10, so maybe you'll be able to find some cute, cheap ones as well.

OR you could go this route....

Wendy said...

I love reading posts like this! I'm so jealous of your pool, though. Texas summers can be unbearable.

Ashley Sisk said...

Love this look into your life. Great shots.

Sarbear said...

Your family is so wonderful. I'm inspired by your smiles and love constantly. :) Is THAT your driveway? It looks so long and wonderful (and yes I realize that's a strange thing to take note of) :)

Mariel Torres said...

you and your family are the cutest!

Caitlin said...

Awww, what a happy day and a happy family!

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

loved this post and how it showed real life! beautiful :) you do have a sweet family!

Little Gray Pixel said...

I love this day! I want to have a yard so I can have a pool!

Megan said...

This is SO cute! Sounds like an absolutely perfect day!! And you are right, thank goodness for pools!

Cat said...

A day in the BUSY life indeed! Wow ... you guys get a ton done in one day and everyone looks like they are having fun :)

Um 97 degrees ... water would be a necessity :)

❤ Cat brideblu

sara sparkles said...

awesome post! I absolutely LOVE the picture you took of the book you were reading with your painted toes in the background... Being able to sit down and READ?! that's my happy place. I love that this post made me ten times less intimidated about having two kiddos... way to have a wicked cute family, too... btw.

Teddi said...

my what beautiful children you have!

The Poole Family said...

This will be so fun to look back on in 5, 10, 20 years from now! This is so cute and it sounds very, very familiar!! Ha! Here's to sweet summer days!!!! :)

Remy said...

I am absolutely MELTING with cuteness from the photo of Daddy & Brees guitar headbump. AAAAAAWWWW.

Cute cute cute CUTE family!

Randalin. said...

It looks like you have a pretty sweet life! Isabelle looks like she's an amazing helper :)

Heather said...

Thank you for your kind words on my wedding photos! :) <3

You have a beautiful family! love the second picture. She's such a cutie!

Nessa said...

I love seeing how others spend their day! The daddy - baby photos while playing the guitar are so cute.

Sylvia C. Hall said...

I agree with everyone else.. it is SO fun to see how other momma's days look... I especially loved all the pics, and the fact that the hubs got tired of the photos...(sounds like mine!).
Hope you're having a great weekend!

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