Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Man in Black

Shawn came home last night with the biggest smile and burst of energy, ready to
share an awesome project he discovered while searching YouTube for
guitar tutorials.
"Babe, we have to try this!  We could be a part of something epic!".
He was referring to the Johnny Cash Project, a worldwide collaborative art project.
By going to the website and registering, you can use the online tools to create your own
vision of the Man in Black, designing a "frame" that will then be included in a music video
for the song "Ain't No Grave".  It's really an incredibly inspiring project as you are able to
see so many different interpretations of this amazing musician.  Fans from all over the
world are able to artistically express their vision of the music and legacy the great
Johnny Cash left behind.  And because the project is constantly accepting new
submissions, the video keeps evolving and growing, allowing you to see a new work
of art every time you watch.
Shawn and I have both been huge fans since we were young, watching our
grandparents dance in the kitchen to Johnny's soulful tunes.  To participate in such
an inspiring project is really amazing and a true testament to the power of music and
its ability to bring people together.  Take a few minutes of your day and learn more about
this project!  Shawn and I are getting started on our frame as we speak!

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