Friday, June 24, 2011

Sweet Friday

After a long, restful weekend, this past week has flown by.  We escaped from the world and
all the stress of work and responsibilities and spent several days with family, unplugging
from all distractions and just allowing ourselves to relax and be free.  We were surrounded
by cousins, aunts, uncles, and some of the most delicious food imaginable.  We stayed up
way past our bed times and laughed as kids just piled into the bath tub, bubbles over
flowing onto the crowded bathroom floor.  We had a slumber party with our favorite
cousins and stayed in our pajamas for as long as we pleased.
It was soul nourishing to say the least...
This weekend also marked Shawn's first Father's Day as a papa of two.  It was a simple
day filled with love: a picnic lunch of burgers and iced tea, homemade cards and little
girls begging for just one more piggy back ride.  These little girls have really stolen his
heart, making every day so much more meaningful and real.
If I left it up to Isabelle, she would tell you that the best part of our long weekend
was on Monday, the day we surprised her with a trip to a water/amusement park.  We
have driven past this park a hundred times during various road trips and have
always promised that one day we would visit.  We finally came through this week,
leaving Brees with my cousin and packing up our beach bag.  Isabelle had no idea where
we were going until we reached the front gates and yelled "SURPRISE!!!".  My ears are
still ringing from her shrieking at the highest decibel possible.  
We spent the entire day slipping and sliding down every water ride and raft in the
park.  Shawn and I are still marveling at how brave our 7 year old is: she fearlessly
rode every ride with us, never blinking an eye!  After we were done with the water
activities, we moved on to the roller coasters, ferris wheels, and bumper cars.  The three
of us played like wild kids all day, running from one end of the park to the next.  My
stomach is still sore from all the laughing...
It was the very first time we have ever left Brees and spent time alone with Isabelle.  Just
as it is important for Shawn and I to have alone time, I realized that day how important
it is to spend quality time with each of our daughters as well.  She enjoyed herself so
much, hugging us and soaking in all the attention.  As much as I missed my little lamb,
I thoroughly enjoyed bonding with my oldest.  It was a truly magical day.
We arrived home late Monday night tired, sun burnt, and ridiculously happy.  Thank you
to all of you for your lovely words of support and encouragement, I feel so blessed to
have connected with so many amazing women.  And thank you especially to Kristy,
Hilary, Mandy, Kristance, and Charlie for keeping this little blog moving to their own
groovy beat in my absence, your posts were all so beautiful and inspiring.  I hope you all
had an amazing week and look forward to catching up soon!


Melissa_Loves_Broccoli said...

I hope my kids love roller coasters when they are tall enough! I was a chicken kid, but love 'em now. Looks like a fun time!

Caitlin said...

Your daughters both look exactly like you :) And you can tell how freaking excited she is in that first amusement park picture!

che'lyssa said...

Tell Isabelle that she is the bravest 7-year old! That is so awesome!

Great family time photos...God bless!

Carly Anne said...

This sounds totally wonderful. I now have the urge to go find a roller coaster...

Hilary@BabyMooHoo said...

what a special weekend. those pictures from your water/amusement park trip are priceless--something that you guys will always remember!

Sarbear said...

You have such a beautiful family. What a blessing to have a weekend to just focus on nothing but each other. I'm glad it was so refreshing. :)

Jessy Taylor said...

I bet she had the best time ever. I love amusement parks almost as much as I love lazy family time. Sounds like a great time.