Sunday, June 26, 2011

Steppin' Out

This week's Steppin' Out is actually from earlier this week when I ventured out for
THREE job interviews!!  I couldn't resist featuring this ensemble as it is SO out of
character for this flower child mama.  I am not a slacks and heels kind of girl, I wear
scrubs and New Balance to work everyday and jeans and bare feet at home.  However,
it's always fun to get a little dressed up and strut your stuff!  I was extremely happy that
this outfit even fit as the slacks are a size 6 and these hips haven't seen anything smaller
than an 8 in months.  Shawn and Isabelle crowded into my closet with me and held out
one suggestion after another, encouraging me as I anxiously prepared for such a busy
day.  We snapped a few photos before I left, resume in hand.  The girls stayed behind
with Daddy, waving enthusiastically from the front window as I put on a brave face
and drove away.  
Here's what we wore...

I have been contemplating a job change for a few months now and am now in full on
job search mode.  Although I love my current job and the fabulous people I work with,
12 hours shifts are just getting more and more difficult.  My heart has been seriously
hurting for my family lately as those days seem to stretch on for way too long.  It is time
to listen to my emotions and make a change, find something with more reasonable hours
that will better suit our family.  I am extremely nervous about starting over somewhere
new but also excited for the possibilities that lie ahead.  Being a nurse offers me so
much versatility as far as job options go, there are just so many different directions I can
take my career.  All I can hope for is a position I feel passionate about that offers me
better hours for my family.  I know that something amazing is out there, waiting for me,
and I just have to be patient.  That's always the hard part, isn't it?  Please keep us in
your prayers as we work through this transitional time!


Michelle said...

LOVE your outfit! So professional! Good Luck! Your kids are adorable!

Stopping by from FLOTB! Happy Sunday!

Rachel (Linesacrossmyface) said...

Cute outfits! Good luck at the interview.

I'm your newest follower from the Sunday blog hop.


Caitlin said...

You look lovely :) I don't know if you meant to do this but I noticed under Brees you spelled "dress" as "Drees" :) I'm not correcting you, just thought it was really cute :)

Best of luck to you guys! You're in my thoughts!

Olivia Grace said...

Thank you all so much!!
Caitlin: HA! I just noticed that!! Didn't mean to do it but I think it's pretty cute, too:)

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

good luck with the jobs! i hope you find one better suited for you!

Jackie said...

Those shoes are so freaking cute!
Stopping by FTLOB!

Sarbear said...

With your kindness and infectious smile I'm sure someone will decide they need you for their practice. Hopefully sooner rather than later so you can find the change you're looking for. Good luck!

Ms. Sarah said...

great outfit. Good luck on your job hunt.

Ms. Sarah said...

great outfit. Good luck on your job hunt.

Wendy said...

You look beautiful! Good luck! Good for you for taking a risk to do something good for your family.

Hilary@BabyMooHoo said...

good luck! you looked great--how could they not hire you?! :)

Little Gray Pixel said...

Good luck on your job hunt! I've been thinking about makes some moves of my own lately (as I'm sure you've discerned from my whiny blog entries). I can't wait to hear where you end up and hopefully you get more time with your precious family. :-)

Susi said...

You look great! Good luck with finding a job!

Megan said...

Good luck on your job search!! I definitely understand the feeling. I don't even have kids yet, but 12 hour shifts totally wipe me out and make me feel like I'm not getting to be a good wife to my husband!

Mandy said...

You're looking good all dressed up!! Love that top! And good luck with the job search!! My mom has been a nurse for 30+ years and it can be incredibly flexible! Hope you find something soon! :)

Raechel @ Our Island Outlook said...

You look great! Good luck with the job search. :)

kriznizzel said...

You look amazing! Hope the interview went well how scary three in one day! At least there all done now. Good luck!