Saturday, June 11, 2011

Showing Our Age

Let's face it: the world has changed quite a bit since we were children.  Our kids are living
in a technological society and have a working knowledge of more gadgets and
electronic devices than we could have ever imagined when we were their age.  I often have
to ask Isabelle for help with the TV settings and am constantly amazed with how
informed she is with all things computerized.
Here's a list of things my seven year old says to me that would have made NO sense
when I was her age, a true testament to the changing times:
  • When watching TV: "Mom, I'm going to the bathroom and I don't want to miss this part.  Can you pause it?"  
  • When hearing a song she likes on the radio (satellite radio, natch): "I love this song!  Daddy, can you download this to the Ipod?"
  • When taking pictures (on the digital camera): "Let me see it!  No, I don't like that one.  Can you delete it?"
  • When she has a question: "Mom, do penguins sleep standing up or lying down?  Can we google it?"
  • When she wants a friend to come over: "Can you Facebook Sarah's Mom to see if she can come to our house?"
  • When she sees a movie she wants to watch later: "Ooooh, that looks good!  Let's TIVO it!"
  • When playing with her toys: "Man, I forgot to charge my DS!!!  Oh well, can we play a game on Netflix?"

We try to keep our lives as simple as possible, spending most of our time outdoors, 
reading every chance we get, and stimulating our children with art projects and 
music.  But, this is their generation.  They embrace electronics because they are a 
part of their daily lives.  It is our job as her parents to help her find a balance 
between being tech savvy and being an active, healthy girl.  And in between all that, 
we can laugh at how old we sound when we respond with: "When we were your age, 
we only had 4 channels on our TV and one phone that hung on the wall!".


Sarbear said...

I never knew what ANY of those things were until high school or beyond. It's so wild to think how things have changed so quickly in the technology areas. My nephew was entranced by the "old" know...with a CORD..when we stayed at a hotel recently. He's almost 4 and it's so weird to think wireless phones are all he'll know, while we were all stretching cords across the house to get some privacy. Oh how times have changed.

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

hah....even when listening to the radio, gage automatically assumes i can look at the ipod and tell him who sings whatever song is playing.

kids are SO smart!

Raechel @ Our Island Outlook said...

I was just thinking the other day how strange it is that we had a phone that plugged into the wall and also how they no longer sell VHS, lol.

Question - was it you (or someone else, my memory fails me) who said they spent a couple years in Yokuska?

Caitlin said...

I worked at a summer camp for a few years when I was 19 or so and one night we decided to have them watch "The Labyrinth." When I told them that we were going to watch a movie that I grew up with, and that had muppets, they sighed and said "Is it in black and white? Can you see the STRINGS?" Geez, did that make me feel old.

One of the funniest "you know you're old" things I've seen is how our children will save documents in Microsoft Word or what have you by clicking a floppy disc icon...but they don't know what a floppy disc is! Eek!