Wednesday, December 7, 2011


My mama always says, "If only we could go through life knowing THEN what we know
NOW, imagine how much easier things would be..."  What would I tell myself, if I could
go back 5 years?  What would I change, what advice would I give myself to make
life easier?
1.  Your house does not have to be clean and perfect and neat and organized at all times.
Your house is going to be the place everyone gathers because they all feel comfortable
here, not because it's the most perfect space.  Embrace the subtle chaos, enjoy the "lived
in" look, it makes people feel warm and loved.  There is an important balance
between teaching your kids to respect their belongings and take care of their space and
going overboard with the constant cleaning.  Enjoy your family and your home, you've
earned it.
2.  Don't waste ANY time looking back on what life USED to be like.  Appreciate every
phase and season for what it is, learn from it, make it a part of the fabric of your soul,
and then move on to the next.  Because as good as life was then, it will just get better
and better with each passing year.  Those wild and fun times known as your early 20s
were spectacular and made you who you are today.  The fact that you have lived life to
the fullest at each phase will make your life better later because you will not live with
regret, you will not wish or want for more.  Keep that up.
3.  Love your body with all your heart and soul, it will bring you the two most beautiful
angels.  All those hours you've spent in the gym, the constant calorie counting,
searching relentlessly for the perfect pair of jeans: give yourself a break.  You are French
and you have curves, your gene pool involves hips and and thick thighs and you are
fortunate enough to have married a man who appreciates that.  Focus on staying
healthy, active, and strong.  Don't obsess over your looks because that is the
most unattractive quality in itself. Believe in yourself and let your inner beauty
shine through.
4.  It's okay to admit that you don't like cooking and have no interest in crafts, that's just
not your thing.  You don't have to be a domestic goddess, just be yourself.  Focus on the
skills you ARE good at and bring happiness to your heart, like home improvement
projects and decorating.  So what if you can't sew or knit, you are very handy with tools
and construction.  Embrace that and enjoy it: one day you and your husband will
renovate your entire house all by yourselves.  It will bring you closer and make you
very, very proud.
5.  Be forgiving.  People are going to hurt you and disappoint you, you will lose friends
and suffer hardships.  Relationships take work and require you to humble yourself,
even when you feel without a shadow of a doubt that you are right.  Let go of your pride,
your grudges, and your judgments.  Apologize sincerely, make things right before they
weigh heavy on your heart.  Be the person everyone can count on, the one who
shoots straight from the hip.  The more you love and forgive, the more love and
forgiveness you will receive.
Here's to constantly growing, changing without fear.  Here's to evolving into the person I
was always meant to be.

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Jess said...

I loved this. And that is one beautiful picture of you!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

beautiful post, and beautiful you!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

oh! i also wanted to comment back about owsley and the christmas tree. we put it up while he was sleeping, so it was an awesome thing for him to check out when he woke up. he's tried to pull stuff off a few times. but he always acts like it was an accident and brings the ornament to me to put back on. i've learned that if i just don't turn the lights on until he's in bed at night, he'll leave it alone.

Caitlin said...

Great post! You are amazing. <3

Anonymous said...

Love this.. you are amazing! :D

Little Gray Pixel said...

I need to take No. 1 to heart. I'm always worried that the floor hasn't been swept enough, or that there's dust here or there.

Maybe I'm just not cut out for hardwood floors.

Indi said...

I LOVE this! Such a wonderful post!

Lisa said...

This was such a wonderful post! Just found your blog & have been reading it for the past half hour--love it!!

Renee said...

Amazing words!!! :)