Monday, December 19, 2011

The Zoo: Bedazzled

A few lessons learned while adventuring through 
the zoo's Holiday Light Safari:
1.  People take holiday light watching VERY seriously.  Certain grown men will actually
bump small children out of the way to get in front of the line to see the alligator exhibit.
Keep your children close and your belongings to a minimum: your purse and stroller will
only get in the way of the mad dash to the train ride.  The holidays really do bring out
the crazy people.
2.  Dress warm, wear comfy shoes, and bring snacks.  You do NOT want to get caught away
in a manger with hungry little girls.  Try not to panic when said little girls get so excited
about all the lit up fun that they run wild into the dark unknown.  All of the animals are
caged in, nocturnal or not.
3.  Don't get upset when your camera totally flakes out and leaves you with grainy,
blurry photos.  The kids will like them for the simple fact that they feature twinkly lights
and them showing off their best America's Next Top Model poses.  And your husband will
like them because they feature you posing next to a bizarre looking
snow woman.
4.  On the Holly Jolly Trolley ride, it would behoove you to sing as loud as your ex-choir
days will allow: the 19 year old elf boy will give you extra cookies for making a fool of
yourself and encouraging all the kids to sing along as a result.  Don't pretend like you don't
like the attention, YOU DO!!
Despite the extremely large, VERY enthusiastic crowd, the zoo was a magical time had by
all.  Most of the animals were sleeping, obviously, but the girls were more interested in
the lights anyway.  I loved being all bundled up, walking through the chilly night air,
singing Christmas carols as we walked along/chased the girls down.  It was a night
that proved you are never too old to get excited about Christmas lights and hot
chocolate, riding a train in the dark and seeing a tiger under the stars.  It was a beautiful
and magical night.

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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

this looks like so much fun! i wish the zoos around here did something like that.

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Looks like a blast!! And I laughed out Lou's when you talked about grownmenbumping their way through the children. Ha ha

Roxy said...

i would love to take my kids to see zoo lights!!! i wonder if the do that in NY

Lucy The Valiant said...

FUN! Actually, I was distracted from the pretty lights by the cuteness of your girls! Especially that awesome knit hat!!