Thursday, May 31, 2012


I am linking up with my sweet friends Randalin and Wendy today for a list of what 
is currently happening in my little world.  
Cooking a sweet corn, home grown tomato, zucchini, and black bean skillet over 
wild rice.  This is by far my favorite time of year for cooking thanks to the over abundance 
of fresh produce peeking around every corner.  Between our own personal harvest and 
the generosity of neighbors and some of my patients, we have been enjoying home 
grown, organic fruits and veggies at every meal.  To be able to stock up on such 
treasures from your own backyard, your meal laced with the dirt of the earth you call 
your own, is truly a gift to me.
Wearing cut off jean shorts, Shawn's white tshirt, and bare feet.  
You know: the usual.
Wanting to get started on redoing the front of our house and adding our very 
own interpretation of curb appeal.  I've always wanted a big, bright red front door with 
black shutters, two big rocking chairs and hanging ferns.  It's a project I've been itching 
to get started on but know it's wise to wait and save a little money first.  One of the 
biggest lessons that Shawn and I have learned through buying and renovating our home 
is to take it slow, be realistic about our budget, and prioritize carefully.  The
renovation project for the front of our home is cosmetic, it is not a necessity.  Therefore, 
we will tie up the important projects for now, like a new air conditioning unit and 
updating the electrical work in the living room, while simultaneously squirreling more 
money away in our savings.  By the end of summer, that red front door just might
 be a reality.
Listening to "Blood" by The Middle East.  In the soundtrack of my life, this song 
is playing as Shawn and I hold hands and watch the girls playing on the front lawn.  It's 
for those nostalgic moments that make you want to jump on a tire swing and 
count the stars.
Watching "America's Got Talent", "The Bachelorette",  "RHOC", "Mad Men", 
"Nurse Jackie", "Game of Thrones", "Real Time With Bill Maher", "So You Think You
 Can Dance". Have I mentioned my affinity for cheesy reality shoes and 
mindless entertainment? 

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Kristin said...

Love your blog! Totally agree about the pleasures of fresh local veggies. Do you have a recipe to share for that skillet dish you mention?

Wendy said...

Thanks for linking up! And gosh, every time I stop by your blog lately I get an undeniable desire to move to the country. I'm more than a little jealous.

MalloryMusing said...

Oh my goodness- I want to come over for dinner!

harvestingkale said...

Ummm...what time is dinner? Can I come over? That sounds ah-mah-zing! Also, you have air conditioning? Scratch dinner, when can I move in???

Olivia said...

Thank you so much!!!  Here is the recipe (I totally improvise with this one, you can NOT mess it up!  I throw in corn and it goes great with the other veggies and beans.  Also, I use fresh tomatoes instead of canned).  Try it!!  You will love it!! 

Olivia said...

You are too sweet!!  It's a great place to live, for sure.  I still itch for the big city somedays, though...

Olivia said...

Anytime, mama!!!

Olivia said...

Girlfriend, without air conditioning, you would NOT want to come over!!!  98 degrees here today!!!

Mama said...

We have so many house projects too! It's like - where do we start???? 
P.S. I simply love the way you write. I am definitely coming back for more.