Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ramble On

1.  I had to serve jury duty this week.  Some people may find this sort of thing to be a
bother but I am a total and complete nerd for life: I loved it!  I was part of a grand
jury which means I sat in on several sentencing cases and evaluated whether or not
the defendants would be indicted.  It was a very interesting way to spend the day and
I learned so much.  Sitting in our town's one hundred year old courthouse, listening
to prosecutors and DA's and police officers: it was my very own episode of Criminal
Minds come true.  Yet another random adventure to add to my belt.
2.  Speaking of adventures: we are anxiously preparing for our 2 week vacation to
Arizona this summer!  We have so many wonderful things planned and can not wait to
 spend time with Shawn's family.  My only worry: I am a notorious over-packer but
also ridiculously frugal.  I am trying desperately hard to keep our luggage to a minimum
to avoid the high luggage fees.  Luckily, it will be around 110 degrees there in June:
shorts and flip flops take up less room!
3.  I am on book 3 of the "Fifty Shades" trilogy.  As a strong, independent woman, I
have mixed feelings about this series and some of the anti-feminist undertones.
However, the "good girl meets bad boy, bad boy falls for good girl, good girl brings out
the best in bad boy, good girl and bad boy meet in the middle and bring out the best in
each other" theme gets me every time.  For a juicy summer read, I highly recommend
this series.  And then your husband will want to high five me for recommending it to you.
4.  We are escaping to a cabin in the middle of the woods, right next to the lake this
weekend in honor of Mother's Day!  We are so excited to get away, just the four of us.
We have lots of plans for hiking, bike riding, swimming, and s'mores!!  I can't wait to relax
in the peace and quiet, enjoy a good book by the fire, celebrate being a mom in the
great outdoors...
5.  Brees ate spaghetti all by herself this week AKA our toddler is now in the phase
where she refuses to let anyone feed her.  Instead, she prefers to feed herself, using
her spoon/fork as a hair accessory and getting the majority of her meal in her chair, on
her body, and all over the floor and walls.  Ce la vie!  She is learning and enjoying the
whole process and I love watching her grow.  With Isabelle, I was always worried that
she wasn't getting enough to eat, concerned about the mess.  The second time around,
I've been able to take a few deep breathes, sit back, and giggle as our spunky girl turns
 her face orange with spaghetti sauce.  Not only do babies learn from us, but we learn
 from them, too.  This is me, breaking down my Type A walls and laughing as
they get dirty.

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Lucy The Valiant said...

Look at that spaghetti face! So cute!
I can't wait to read the Fifty Shades books. I think my husband is getting the first one for my mother's day present...sneaky man! :)

Marie V said...

So sweet! Brees is a big girl now, you are right even though I don't have children yet we are growing all together and learn from one another a lot! Kids are great teacher, life is simple after all. 
You'll surely enjoy Mother's Day, what a great idea and a adventure I want to hear all about when you are back! Much Love Olivia. xx

harvestingkale said...

Spaghetti pictures are the best!!! 

I totally share your habit of overpacking. I actually unpacked Kale's suitcase after four days out of town and realized that I unpacked more clean clothes than dirty clothes.

SadieDear said...

I think I would totally love jury duty as well:  depending on the case. I had to report in Januarry and was dismissed on the first day! I was struck from a criminal jury, which means you don't have to report back the next day. I was actually pretty disappointed, because it seemed like it would have been an interesting trial. When I do get chosen, it'll probably be something dreadfully boring, I fear.

Joanna said...

Isn't the 50 Shades series so good?! I'm on the 3rd book, too! I will say, it's taking me quite a bit longer to finish this one than the other two, though.

Olivia said...

Smart man:)  

Olivia said...

Well, the weekend did not go as planned but I sure do have some funny stories to tell you:)

Olivia said...

It's an epidemic!!!  Before the days of weight limits and luggage fees, I was totally out of control!!

Olivia said...

It's so cool, right?!!  I hope that you have a cool experience if you are ever chosen again!!

Olivia said...

I am on the third now and it's taking me a little longer.  How on earth are they going to make a movie?!!