Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Safari Summer

We kicked off Memorial Day weekend with a trip to a local exotic animal zoo for a 
summer festival.  In celebration of a job well done this school year, Isabelle got to invite 
her cousin, Sarah, and one of her best friends, Cade, for a fun filled day.  With Brees at 
my aunt's house for the afternoon, Belle was pretty excited to have her mama all to
 herself, running from one exhibit to the next with her arm linked in mine.  It was 
important to me to have this time with her, to give her my undivided attention.  She
 has worked so hard this school year and it was a real joy to spend the day with 
her celebrating the start of summer.  We played and danced and ate good food and
 rode horses and saw lots of animals.  We met up with more cousins and some of our 
friends in the park, three women and nine children total: what a wild bunch!  And 
despite the blistering heat and the miles of walking and the huge crowds and long 
lines, everyone kept their smiles on and their spirits high.  After a stop for ice cream
 on the way home, we all ended up back at our house for a late evening swim.  Brees
 came home with hugs and kisses that she had been saving up all day and we sat back 
and relaxed.  And as I sat on my patio and watched my children play with their cousins,
 their giggling voices ringing through the warm summer night air, I couldn't help but 
feel blessed.  It was a good day with the people I love.

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Lucy The Valiant said...

What a fun day! I love her henna!

Deanna Fike said...

i love belle's henna tat! so cute! 

Nessa said...

Look at all the neat animals!  I love your top.  Look at them all squished in the pool.

Ashley said...

That looks like a fun fair.  The miniature ponies are always my favorite, they're so little and cute.

Jodi Hall said...

she is just the cutest.. Looks like so much fun! 

Olivia said...

Thank you!!!  It looked really cool once the top layer came off.  I wish I had gotten one, too!!

Olivia said...

It's awesome, right?!  There were some really talented artists at this festival.

Olivia said...

Thank you!  They were so precious in that baby pool.  The simplest things keep them the most happy.

Olivia said...

I know!!  I want one so bad!!

Olivia said...

Thank you, friend!  She is a really great kid!