Sunday, May 20, 2012

Steppin' Out Saturday: Date Night

Saturday, Shawn and I stepped out for our first date night in what seems like
 forever.  Isabelle went to one of her BFFs house for a slumber party and Brees stayed 
with my mom for a couple of hours while my husband and I enjoyed a long, delicious 
dinner at a local seafood restaurant.  The food was fresh, spicy, and cooked to 
perfection.  Only in Louisiana would your waitress ask you "Would you like to add a side 
of fried gator with that?".  One of the things I miss the most about our pre-baby life is 
eating a whole meal, uninterrupted.  These date nights are so special and important 
because they give us a chance to catch up and enjoy each other, as well as a good meal.  
After a 4 course meal that dragged out over a few hours, we picked up a sleeping
 Brees, tucked her into bed, and then sat on our back patio and enjoyed a few beers.  It 
was a quiet, romantic night that made me feel all giddy and school-girl like.  
That husband of mine, he really does have my heart.


Dress: Rachael and Chloe//Wedges and bracelet: Target




pleated poppy

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Vanessa said...

Smoking hot, mama!

Colleen Panzer said...

Hooray for date nights!

Sweetgreentangerine said...

You guys are too cute! Glad you had a nice date night :) Those are the best!

Summer Crosbie said...

Lookin' good mama! Love the dress. 

Alicia S. said...

My favorite part of our date nights are always the beers back home on our own front porch. :-)

OTandET said...

you look adorable!!!!!! and your date night sounds amazing. i totally hear you on the missing eating a whole meal uninterrupted. so glad you were able to get away and then winding down with porch beers = the best.

Mattandkaraadopt said...

Legs for days woman! You look so beautiful!

I love date nights and have been insisting on them every week while we're pregnant cause I know the kiddo will pause that for a while. :)

Jodi Hall said...

Love your outfit!! :) Pretty as always girl.. Date nights rock! :P 

Olivia said...

Thank you!!!  They sure do!!

Olivia said...

(Blushing) thank you!!!  Yes, enjoy your time with your hubby before baby.  Even though life will be so great when she gets here, you will always look back on those times with Matt and cherish them!!

Olivia said...

Thank you!!!  Porch beers are the best!!

Olivia said...

Agreed my friend!!

Olivia said...

Thank you!!  I got it off Zuilily for a steal!!

Olivia said...

Thank you!!!  They really are!

Olivia said...

For real!!

Olivia said...

You're making me blush:)