Friday, May 4, 2012

This Week's Favorites

Favorite photo...
Favorite songs...

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Favorite links...
This post from Kara spoke to my heart.  Such a powerful reminder.

This post on working women had me pumping my fist in the air.
I cried when I watched this video of a dog reuniting with his owner after 
deployment.  Unconditional love!!
The world was finally blessed to meet baby Amelia!!  
This front porch and garden makeover have me itching to start work on the front 
of our house.
Nick put a ring on Kate's beautiful, dirt covered hands.  
Tears of joy for them both!
Marie is an amazing writer and friend.  
This poem was my mantra today.
This version of Radiohead's "Creep" sent chills down my spine.  Listen to the 
whole thing, her voice could move mountains.
I love this weekly link-up.
This link contains some amazing info for helping your child with ADD/ADHD to succeed.  
I refer to it often.
Favorite moment...
After a long day at work and an intense work-out at the gym, I decided to sneak in a 
quick shower before dinner.  I had everything prepared: water running, fluffy 
towels waiting, when Brees came flying into the bathroom to find her mama.  In her 
hurried entrance, she tripped over the rug and fell to the floor, crying loudly and reaching 
for me to save her.  As I scooped her up, Isabelle came into the bathroom to tell me that 
she had forgotten about an English test for the next day and needed me to call out 
the questions for her study guide: right now please!!  It wasn't long before Shawn 
entered the room, wondering what all the commotion was about and looking to join the 
party in the bathroom.  He had just figured out how to play a Black Crowes song I've 
been crushing on and wanted me to hear it.  There I stood, half naked, my shower 
long forgotten, baby on my hip, daughter at my feet, husband banging out guitar riffs 
whilst sitting on the toilet.  Our very own Norman Rockwell painting, my American 
dream.  A life rich in love, noise, and knowing when to turn the water off and be present
 in the moment with the ones you love.
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Joanna said...

I love this version of Radiohead. And I know you're favorite moment all too well. When we're old, these will be the things we remember. :)

Marie V said...

This photo of Brees is just awesome! I love your links of the week Olivia and I am so honoured you enjoyed this post of mine so much.
I always love how you share these special moments in your life, they are so natural, so honest and sweet.
A fabulous week-end to you all! xx

Megan @ Mackeymadness said...

Oh wow, I love your favorite moment of the week. And I love that you knew to take that moment in and be grateful for it. 

Olivia said...

Doesn't her voice just rock?!!

Olivia said...

Same to you, my friend!!  Your words always bring me so much joy!!

Olivia said...

Shawn always says, "Just laugh, babe".  And he's so right.  These are the moments we will look back on when we're holding our grandbabies!!!