Friday, June 1, 2012

A Day At The Lake

On Monday, my best friend, Jessica, and I took our kids to the lake for the most 
amazing day in the sun.  I grew up on the banks of this lake, spent my childhood 
summers swimming in the watering holes and playing with my cousins in the sand.  I 
love creating new memories at places that are so special to me with my own family, 
spending time together in such familiar surroundings, watching my children explore the 
very same things I found so magical as a little girl.
It was one of those really great days, the kind of day where everyone was content.  
The older kids swam for hours and hours while Brees, Jess, and I lounged at the 
water's edge, constructing sand castles and feasting on ham sandwiches.  We had good 
long talks and let our souls rest in the gentle ease of the day.  The simplicity of it all 
spoke volumes: children need love, the great outdoors, and the freedom to play and
roam wild.  Give us a shady bank on the lake and an afternoon to dance in the sun 
and we are happy.
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Marie V said...

Looks like you all had a fabulous day! I think you are right these moments are simple but they are precious and little ones will always remember them. 
Have a beautiful week-end Olivia! xx

harvestingkale said...

I LOVE Brees yellow suit! I wish I could find a yellow polka dot one piece! Looks like you had a lovely time. Belle is rocking the poses as usual - love that kid. 

Olivia said...

She is a ham, isn't she?!!  Brees' bathing suit is so sweet, I want one, too!!

Olivia said...

Happy weekend to you, too!!!  I really hope that they will someday look back on these moments and smile!!