Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Lovin' With Jessica

Hello Soul Singing Liv readers!  My name is Jessica, and I write a little blog called Sweet Green 
Tangerine.  It's mainly about my life as a music loving bookworm raising two boys in the south with my 
Army man.  Liv has asked me to share a post about summer, and I really don't know how to write 
about anything other than books and music so I thought I'd share some summer favorites of ours.

To many, summer time means relaxation and freedom.  Us moms of school-aged kids know 
differently.  Teachers are off the hook, and now it's up to us to entertain our kiddos for the next 3
 months.  That's not a bad thing, of course. This is the time of year when my 6 year old son and I have
 the most fun together.

Jonathan, our little dinosaur boy.

One of the ways we bond is over books and music...naturally.  Normally, I don't really censor my
 music around the kids, (I don't generally listen to anything violent or inappropriate) but since we 
are spending so much time together in the car, I try to pick music that they can also enjoy.  Turns out 
my kids don't appreciate Bon Iver and Radiohead the way I do. Whatever, kids.  Like most 
mini-people, they love music with a quick tempo and repetitive sounds.  And thankfully, kids music has
 really come a long way.  I'm not one of those moms that can sit through Barney and Raffi, so I love 
finding music that I can enjoy along with them.  There's nothing better than singing along at the top of 
our lungs as a family.  That's bonding as it's finest.
Here are a few that we love to listen to on those long summer car trips.

Can't go wrong with The Beatles.  Our favorites: Hey Jude (duh), Get Together, 
Yellow Submarine
For kids who love rock
They have a whole album about science. Our favorite: I am a 
Movie soundtracks
Our favorites: Across the Universe and The Muppets
My kids' current favorite and I have to grows on you.
It doesn't get any better than Three Little Birds

Jude, our little free spirit

As for books, without that school-night bedtime routine, reading together tends to get thrown to 
wayside.  We have to make a conscious effort to make the time to read either together or quietly.

 This is when library trips are the most beneficial.  Most libraries have story times and summer
 reading programs during this time anyway, and hey, they're free!  We also keep a bag of books in the 
car for road trips and our current chapter book in my purse to read while we're out and waiting or being
 lazy in the park.

This summer, we're going to be reading these books together:

I'm very excited. 

Well, that's how we bond during the summertime.  Do you find time to read with your kids during 
the chaos of summer?  Do you have special music you listen to as a family?

 If you happen to be a lover of books like I am, I would love it if you could join us some time for our 
weekly book chat link up.  We discuss everything from our favorite love stories to our favorite endings.

I hope you enjoyed my guest post and I want to thank Liv for thinking of me!



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