Thursday, June 7, 2012


Joining in with Wendy and Randalin again this week!

This Amazing Day

Reading: "Divergent" by Veronica Roth as per Vanessa's suggestion.  I love a 
good series, especially during the summer time when I have more time to read and 
really delve into another world.  My girlfriends and I are organizing a book club and 
this book will be our first selection.  
Loving: having my whole family home more.  With school over for both Belle 
and Shawn, we seem to have so much more time together, enjoying each other and 
the calmness that has overtaken our schedules.  Being able to sleep in an extra hour 
every morning and play outside as long as we want to in the evenings is just so freeing.  
Eating: fresh blackberries that we picked from my aunt's backyard.  Is there 
anything more summery than that?
Drinking: Purple Acai and Blueberry Green Tea.  I've just put the kids to bed, 
Shawn is strumming on his guitar, and I'm catching up on blogging and emails with a cup 
of tea.  This is my Zen time, my quiet moment of the day.  The house is quiet and all of 
my tasks are done.  That is such a peaceful feeling.
Looking forward to: our summer vacation!!!  We leave tomorrow morning 
for a two week vacation to Arizona.  We are flying out west to spend time with 
Shawn's family and I could not be more excited!  We have so many wonderful 
adventures planned including a camping trip in the mountains with the whole 
family, swimming in the Colorado River, and a trip to an Old West town.  I will not 
be bringing my phone or my computer, just my camera.  This is a time for our family 
to relax, reconnect, and recharge.  Our family has been so busy the last few years
 with buying our house, bringing Brees into the world, and just dealing with life in
 general.  This is the first time in 3 years that we have been able to go on vacation, the
 first time in a long time that we have been able to put our priorities on hold to go on 
an adventure.  I'm so excited for this journey with the ones I love, I pray that we will be 
able to make unforgettable memories together.  I have some really amazing guest 
posts lined up for you to enjoy for the next few weeks.  Much love to you all!!

A few snapshots from our busy week of packing...
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Marie V said...

Busy for sure but Brees seems to have a fabulous time!!
Love these simple moments you are sharing with us Olivia, they are fabulous and full of love! xx

harvestingkale said...

Your post this week is literally oozing with calmness and serenity! I hope you have an amazing time on your little family vacay! 

Thanks for linking up <3

SarbearReeves said...

Oh Live, how wonderful that you all are able to get away for two whole weeks of together time, exploring the world. I hope you all have a great time and enjoy this time away from it all for making memories and taking it all in. 

MalloryMusing said...

I loved Divergent and the second one Insurgent. I haven't been able find a new book to suck me in since I read them.

Have fun on vacation! 

Olivia said...

I just started but I've heard great things!!!  

Olivia said...

Thank you so much!!!  We are so excited!!!

Olivia said...

Oh thank you!!  I think I'm just so excited for the time off:)

Olivia said...

Thank you my love!!!  I will take lots of photos!!

Wendy said...

Have a great time on your vacation! Sounds like you guys are going to have a wonderful time. Also, Divergent is on my list. I've been really into series lately, and I've heard that one is good.