Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Lovin' With Summer

Hi everyone!  My name is Summer and I blog over at the Crosbie Crew.  My blog is all about the daily 
life of my family of four.  I also like to share funny stories, DIYs, my photography and a few recipes.  I
 hope you stop by sometime to say hi! Today I will be showing you something from my 
"Boys of Summer" series I did last year called sponge balls. Now, water balloons are a fun 
summertime activity but here's the problem, we as parents take forever filling them up and they're 
gone in seconds.  Our kids look at us like that's it?  Fill me up some more mom!  Here is where sponge 
balls come in handy! What you need: -cheap (colorful) sponges, no rough side -scissors -string 
-pen (optional) Take a new sponge and use a pen to mark 4 lines lengthwise down the sponge about 
1/2 inch apart. Cut the strips with your scissors.  Repeat with other sponges. Now make a layer of 4 
strips on your counter. Stack four more on top and again, 4 more on top of those. Take a piece of string 
and carefully tie around the center (to make it a bundle). Pull it pretty tight and you will notice that the
 strips flair out to become a sphere!  It's a sponge ball!

I like to fill up a couple of buckets with water and place them around where they will be playing as a 
"fill" station.  One of the best things about these is that they don't hurt when they are thrown at you.  
They also hold a ton of water!

When your kids are all done playing, just make sure to squeeze out the extra water and store them 
some place where they can easily dry.  They will be ready for the next day.

I hope you liked this easy DIY and I hope you all have a fun summer!


Deanna Fike said...

ok. i will definitely be making these with my two boys. we love water balloons, but i am in the same predicament of taking 45 minutes to fill them, and 45 seconds to destroy them!

Ashley W. said...

With 2 boys  these will definitely be part of our summer.  Thanks for sharing!