Wednesday, July 3, 2013

They Are Loved

Raising children can be a difficult and tiring process.  These precious little beings
require constant time, attention, and energy, something I give them willingly and with
great joy.  But there are days when I feel like I'm not doing enough, like I've missed
something in all the hustle and bustle we call life.  I go to bed at night and wonder: Did I
hug them enough? Did I make them feel special?  Do they know how much I love them?
Especially during times such as these, times when our family is struggling with health
issues and stress and worry.  I am not able to give my girls 100% of my energy right
now because their Daddy needs a little extra attention.  The scales are a bit tipped off
balance and it's not in their favor.  And I struggle with that.  I wanted to give them the
perfect summer, I wanted to spend long afternoons doing whatever we felt like doing with
no deadlines or agendas.  I wanted to give them my all before the baby got here.  But then
real life had to get in the way and ruin my picture perfect mommy ideas.
I had these thoughts going through my head yesterday afternoon after I dropped Shawn off
at physical therapy and headed home to spend an hour with the girls in the back yard.  I
drank a cup of tea and watched them run and dance, riding their bikes and playing in their
little garden.  Isabelle and I talked and laughed while Brees entertained us with
her adventurous antics.  And I saw them for who they truly are: selfless, loving,
beautiful daughters who are happy and well adjusted.  They aren't missing anything
because they have two parents who adore them to the best of their ability.  The happiness
that shines from their hearts is palpable at times, instantly cheering me up from my
looming funk.  When things get tough and a family member is down, they have learned the
fine art of stepping up to the plate and being there.  They have learned through the example
we have set.  They aren't crying over what they don't have, they instead rejoice over
the moment in which they are living.
Sometimes, if you can slow your mind down just a little bit and take in the simplicity of
your children, you can learn invaluable life lessons from their innocence.  Sometimes, you
can learn to love and accept yourself simply because THEY accept YOU. 
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Kate said...

I really needed to hear this tonight, thank you xo

Vanessa said...

If you give your girls even 1% of the love you exude on your blog, they are lucky girls. <3

Olivia said...

You're the best.

Olivia said...

We all need to remind ourselves of this from time to time!

marie said...

This is so true Liv! But you don't have to worry one minute, you do give them love, beautiful love. It transpires through every single one of your words. You are all blessed to have each other.
Take care and stay well always.

Ashley said...

I am sure every mom thinks this at some point but you are right to know all they need is you. You were chosen to be their parents. You and Shawn know how jealous I am of how much yall are all together!! There isn't a doubt in my mind and in those girls' minds that they are the most loved children in this world.