Sunday, July 28, 2013

35 Weeks

This week was a memorable one for me because I feel like the reality of how close we are to
the arrival of the baby really set in throughout our house.  More and more baby items are
now on display throughout our home.  Brees now calls the baby by name, giving my belly
big hugs and talking to her little brother as I rock her to sleep.  Isabelle has begun an
official countdown and reminds me every day of how quickly the days are dwindling down.
And Shawn: he is the person who is being hit the hardest with anticipation.  After we saw
the orthopedic specialist last week and were given the good news that his post
surgery recovery is right on target, I could visibly see the weight of the world lift off
my husband's shoulders.  His spirit became lighter and more vibrant and I realized
how worried he has been about getting well before the baby gets here.  Hearing the news
that he should be as good as new in the next few weeks gave him some kind of internal
release to really get excited, to let go of any doubts or fears and just experience the joy that
is upon us.  I overheard him bragging about the baby to his friends, speculating about when
he will get here.  He gave my belly extra rubs, smiling when the baby answered him back with
a couple of kicks.  This week, I fell a little deeper in love with my husband as I watched him
fall a little deeper in love with his son.  

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1 comment:

marie said...

It always feel good to read you Liv and to see how much joy you are all experiencing, awaiting for the arrival of your baby boy!

Much love and stay blessed dear.

Thanks for the e-mail, will answer very soon.