Sunday, July 7, 2013

32 Weeks

This week, the heartburn got better and my energy level was through the roof.  It's
amazing how up and down pregnancy can be, how the symptoms change from one week to
the next.  I have suddenly found myself feeling better than I have in weeks, crossing things
off my lists and skipping my formerly coveted nap to squeeze in one more project.  They
say that going into nesting overdrive is a sign of impending labor but, honestly, I want
this little boy to stay put for as long as possible.  Unlike my previous pregnancies, when
I counted down the days and anxiously awaited my due date, hoping for the miracle that
my girls would get here early (which they did not), I am praying that this little boy bakes
until his due date.  We need to get through Shawn's post-op recovery period and feather
our nest just a little bit more before we welcome this little boy, okay?
I didn't see my doctor this week due to the Fourth of July holiday, we'll catch up this
week instead.  I think she'll be surprised with how much I've dropped.  I think I'll make
her laugh when I tell her that I've peed my pants twice.  Did you know that with
each subsequent pregnancy your bladder gets weaker and weaker?  I didn't!  Not until I
found myself in the middle of my workday, 45 miles from home, peeing my pants because
a patient made me laugh so hard.  And then later, when I got a Charlie horse and couldn't
get off the couch and Shawn couldn't help me up because he can't use his arms so he
propped his leg up instead and said "Just grab my leg, babe!  Grab my leg!!!".  We laughed
so hard, I peed again.  I suppose there are worse things in the world than laughing until you
pee your pants, right?  
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Ashley said...

Lovely pictures! Yes, I totally feel for you and your wet pants - oh the joys of pregnancy!!

Sara said...

There are definitely worse things that could happen lovely Mama! :)