Sunday, July 21, 2013

34 Weeks

I feel like my last few pregnancy posts have all been about losing control of bodily
functions.  Oh, the joys of motherhood.  This week was my last week to serve as the
on-call nurse for my job before I go on maternity leave next month.  I think that my
boss decided that I may not be of very much help to my patients in the event of an
emergency considering I am currently moving at a snail's pace.  And waddling like a duck.
And barely able to keep my eyes open past 8 pm.  I must say that saying goodbye to the
on-call rotation was a welcomed departure.  It is a big, mentally exhausting responsibility
and my current state of mind is just too wrapped up in baby land to handle it well.  As I begin
to move inward and prepare for the birth of the baby, I look forward to my time off work
more and more.  Those few months away from my career will do us all good and I am
so excited to throw myself into my job as a full time mother.
I am currently feeling very, very pregnant.  My face is full, my chins are plentiful, and
my ankles are becoming a distant memory.  It's that time: the point in pregnancy when
you begin to feel like your body is no longer your own.  It belongs to the baby, every
growing, swelling, aching inch of it.  At this point, he is gaining more and more weight as
well: 1/2 a pound a week to be exact.  He is filling out and getting stronger and preparing
to enter this big, bright world.  To say I am beyond ready to hold this little guy in my arms
and never let go is an understatement.  
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Bianca said...

You look beautiful! I remember feeling this way near the end of my pregnancy with Bevin. I just couldn't wait to hold her.

marie said...

Sweet Liv. You look Fabulous.
I would like to know whether you could send me your address to I would love to send you some cards from Paris and much love by post also.
Stay well my dear. xx

ashleywomble said...

You look absolutely amazing. You have such a glow about you!

Olivia said...

Thank you so much!! It's such a great time!!

Olivia said...

I just emailed you!!

Olivia said...

Thank you!! Yes, I can't wait to just sit in my rocking chair and smell his sweet little head!