Thursday, July 11, 2013

Preparing for Baby: Must Haves

My list for pregnancy must haves has gotten shorter and shorter with each pregnancy.  Most
of the items I value for survival these days are simply for comfort and luxury, tools to 
make me feel better and to accommodate my growing body.
1.  Earthsavers Prevent Lotion
Third pregnancy, third time using this lotion made by a local New Orleans company,
ZERO stretch marks!!  This lotion is all natural, very light and non-greasy, with a fresh scent.
I use it from the time I find out I'm pregnancy until several months after I have the baby
to promote skin elasticity.  It's fantastic.
2.  Sanuk sandals
Sandals made from recycled yoga mats?  Yes, please!  I have a pair of flip flops AND a pair
of Sanuk sandals and I love them so much.  They are so comfortable and
supportive: important requirements for a pregnant mama who's always on her feet.
3.  The Bump Nest Body Pillow
This pillow was my biggest splurge but it was worth every penny and then some.  I was
having serious back pain and leg cramps and waking up every hour on the hour throughout
my second trimester.  Since buying this pillow, I am sleeping better then ever.  It is so soft
and supportive and can be positioned in so many different ways to accommodate
my constantly changing body.  It's even come in handy with my newest problem, heart
burn, as it can be used to elevate your upper body.  If you follow me on Instagram,
 you've probably seen multiple photos of me with this giant pillow.  It's basically become
an official family member!

Oops, there's no room for anyone else on the couch because Mommy's obnoxious pregnancy pillow 
is taking up all the room?  Sorry!!

A husband who walks into the hotel lobby with his wife's pregnancy photo on his shoulders: 
true love.

4.  Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamins
These vitamins are food based, all natural, and contain ginger extract to assist with
digestive issues.  No preservatives or artificial yuckiness make them the perfect vitamin
for me.
5.  Maxi Skirts
Old Navy maxi skirts all day, every day.  Cool and comfortable clothing are
requirements while pregnant during the summer months and wearing a skirt makes me feel
a little more put together.  Old Navy's skirts are good quality for a fair price, bottom line.

6.  ASOS maternity swimsuit
Should the words "maternity" and "swimsuit" even be used in the same sentence?
Definitely NOT my favorite item to shop for while pregnant but I live in a state with
90-100 degree temps and we are in the water for most of the summer.  Finding a swimsuit
that didn't completely destroy my self esteem was pretty essential.  ASOS saved the day
with their maternity line: this swimsuit is so comfortable and flattering and lasts from
the beginning of my pregnancy until the end, holding everything in and accentuating
my assets.  A maternity swimsuit that makes you feel semi good about yourself: score!

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heartbot said...

Love the swimsuit! Very cute!

Sara said...

You are so stinkin' cute in that swimsuit. And that pillow looks incredible! I would have loved to have one of those around while pregnant.

Olivia said...

That pillow is the bomb! And so is the swimsuit! It's comfy and makes me feel halfway human again!

Olivia said...

Thank you!! Finding a good swimsuit while pregnant is the equivalent of finding buried treasure!