Wednesday, July 24, 2013

34: Let's Do This

I turned 34 years old on Tuesday.  Another year of my story has passed, a year where
I've learned more about myself and what truly matters to me.  I learned to have more
patience, to accept the fact that I have very little control over anything, and that I am
stronger than I give myself credit for.  I learned to overlook a messy kitchen and a pile
of laundry, I learned to say "no" when it was necessary and "help me" when it was required.
I learned that many of the convictions I stood by so staunchly in my twenties were not
nearly as black and white as I once thought.  I learned that it's okay to cry and have a bad
day and not always be the bravest of the brave even if that's what the people around
me expect.  I became a better cook but slacked on my housework.  I fell even more
hopelessly in love with my children and husband and became very aware of how blessed I
am to have such great friends and family in my life.  I had many successes, quite a few
failures, and embraced who I was and where I am going in life.  34: I can't wait to see what
you have in store for me this year.
We kept my birthday very simple, just the way I like it.  After work on Monday, Shawn and
I made the 4 1/2 hour drive to Houston for his post-op appointment with the
orthopedic specialist.  We checked into a hotel near the hospital, ordered in pizza, and
watched a couple of episodes of "Sons of Anarchy" (our current television obsession) in
bed.  We arrived at the hospital early on Tuesday morning and were relieved to hear
that Shawn's arm is healing right on schedule.  He was given the okay to begin range of
motion exercises and he is now allowed to drive and take bathes: two small things in life
that are big things when you aren't allowed to do them!  My one request for the day: to eat a
big country breakfast.  As soon as we left the hospital, we found a nearby restaurant and
did just that, filling up on pancakes and bacon and chocolate milk.  We drove home
and enjoyed the time together, just the two of us, talking and laughing the whole way.
We made it home and picked up our girls, the four of us relieved that this is probably the
last time we will have to go back to Houston for a long while.  My sweet husband and
daughters surprised me with a homemade card, hand painted coffee mugs, and ice
cream before bed.  The next day, they made me a double chocolate cake and placed a
special birthday banner in the kitchen.  The candles proudly boasted "35", a mistake we
all laughed about, especially after Shawn swore that it wasn't a mistake at all, he just
couldn't find the number 4 candle.  We attempted to take a few photos, most of which
were blurry, crooked, and involved Brees doing everything but looking into the camera.
It was wonderful, the whole thing, crazy and simple and full of love.  Just how I like it.
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Caitlin A. said...

Happy birthday love! Glad it was awesome :)

Vanessa said...

I love the hot pink poster card. Such a sweet family you have. In February that "5" will be on my cake, and it will be real! :-o

Deanna Fike said...

happy belated '35th.' hah. :) i thought about you guys while we were in louisianna last week. i love the homemade card!

Lucy The Valiant said...

Happy birthday!!!

Kara Motts said...

So sweet!!! Happy Birthday darling Liv!

Olivia said...

Thank you, friend!!

Olivia said...

Thank you!!

Olivia said...

Someday, we'll have to have a meet up for real. The homemade card was the best, it's still hanging up in the kitchen in all its hot pink glory:)

Olivia said...

I won't be too far behind you! Honestly, I think that my thirties have been awesome so far. No regrets, not yet anyway.

Olivia said...

Thank you friend!