Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wordful Wednesday: With Brees

Little Brees is not quite so little anymore.  She is a busy toddler with a giant imagination.  
She keeps us on her toes with her love of exploring, climbing, and getting into every corner 
of our home regardless of what baby proofing tools we put into place.  She was very quiet 
for the first two years of her life, saying only a few words here and there.  I didn't worry 
about her slow start to conversation, I knew that she would start talking when she was 
good and ready.  Because that's what she does with everything.  She is stubborn 
and determined and she will not try anything new until she's made her own mind up.  And, 
sure enough, she recently decided to open her little mouth and let her voice shine 
through.  She talks ALL THE TIME, very loudly and in full sentences as though she's 
been speaking for years now.  She likes to dance and dress up in her sister's collection of 
ballet costumes.  Shawn takes her into the music room and lets her play the drums 
and harmonica and she loves to pull the microphone down and "sing" into it.  She is a 
very adventurous eater and will eat most anything placed in front of her.  Except 
asparagus.  She HATES asparagus.  Brees is an outdoors loving girl and is happiest playing 
in the dirt.  She's one of those kids who always looks a little bit disheveled and I have to 
wait until the very last minute to get her dressed when we go out.  And even then she 
usually manages to get her clothes/shoes/face dirty.  And forget about hair bows or 
barrettes: Breesy does NOT play that.  Brees loves to read books and will beg you for 
"one more story, please please please!!" every single night before bed.  She sleeps through 
the night in her toddler bed but often takes quite a while to settle down.  Most nights, 
she stands at the baby gate in her bedroom doorway and calls out to Belle across the hall 
to come and save her.  And Belle almost always does.  The highlight of her day is watching 
her big sister get off the schoolbus and run down our driveway.  She seriously thinks her 
big sister hung the moon.  She knows exactly how to charm her Daddy into giving her 
just about anything and still likes me to rock her to sleep.  She has a bad temper but a big 
heart: it's hard to stay mad at her for very long.  She is nowhere near being potty trained, she 
is simply not interested and I'm not going to push the issue until she is.  Brees loves to 
cuddle and give hugs and kisses.  She is shy around strangers but warms up pretty quickly.  
She is warm, full of life, and makes us laugh on the daily.   She is a happy little old soul and 
I love her so, so much. 

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Deanna Fike said...

i love her little curls. :)

Stacy Uncorked said...

Wow she's gotten big! Such a CUTIE! Time sure does fly by way too fast, doesn't it? :)

The Frog Princess Part 2

Cyndy said...

She is TOO cute! What a lovebug. I love the last 2 pics.
PS I am a nurse tech on a med/surg floor =)

Ashley said...

Aww, sweet little Brees. She has been the perfect addition to your family and has the same sweetness as Isabelle but certainly has her own personality. You are correct about relating her to my Maggie sometimes...still at 6 yrs ago Maggie talks alot, stops herself, and says 'whoa Im talking alot!'. I so see Brees doing that!!

Olivia said...

Me, too:) Finally, hair!!

Olivia said...

Thank you!! Yes, it FLIES!! I want her to stay little forever!

Olivia said...

Thank you!! And bless you for all the hard work you do!! I would never get through my day if it weren't for the hard work of the techs!!!

Olivia said...

I can totally see Maggie saying that!!! I love that sweet girl!!

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