Friday, May 10, 2013

24 Weeks

Shawn and I were so thankful to be able to get away this week for a little one on one time,
yet another essential step in preparation of our baby.  I felt like the belle of the ball in the
big city: I was ushered to the front of every line, congratulated and coddled, shown so
much love from total strangers simply because of the giant belly I sported so proudly.  For
all the inappropriate things people can sometimes say to pregnant women, they can also
show amazing love and kindness when they see a growing mama dancing at a rock show.
I loved every second I was able to spend with my husband, his arms wrapped
protectively around my expanding waist, his smile unable to hide how happy he was to have
all my attention.  I soaked in every second of our weekend away, enjoying the rest,
relaxation, and freedom we experienced.  It will probably be our last for quite some time
and we took full advantage.
My doctor's appointment this week went really well: my uterus is measuring a few
centimeters larger than average, to be expected given my history of big babies.  My
biggest concern throughout this pregnancy has been my increased risk of C-section.  Brees
was born with shoulder dystocia: her shoulders were stuck in the birth canal due to her 9 lb
11 oz size and my doctor and her team of nurses had to push and pull and coax her
out.  Shoulder dystocia is considered an obstetrical emergency and can lead to
serious complications.  We were so lucky that Brees was able to be delivered vaginally
and suffered no long term nerve damage, only a few bruises and an arm she kept
pretty guarded for the first week of her life.  I can't help but worry about something like
this happening again, about my doctor insisting on doing a C-section because SHE worries
this might happen again.  And so I asked her about it at this week's appointment, asked her
to give it to me straight.  She assured me that not only am I NOT a candidate for a
C-section but that she promises to do everything in her power to prevent me from
becoming one.  She gave me the most reassuring pep talk, reminding me of what I
have accomplished with my first two babies and assuring me that I can do the same for
the third.  She held my hand and said, "I will NOT be that doctor who has to bring you into
the operating room if I don't have to, I promise you.  You've done this before and you can do
it again and it's my job to see to that".  I was so thankful at that moment to have such
an amazing doctor, a mother of three herself, a woman who takes great pride in her job and
in empowering her patients.  And the worry of what might happen soon left me, faith in
my own body and God's plan restored.  We will be fine, baby boy and me.
We are in good hands.
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Randalin said...

It sounds like you have an amazing doctor. I remember needing a few pep talks during my pregnancy too.

Pregnancy looks good on you, mama!

ashleywomble said...

Amazing doctor you have! And you look beautiful, as always.

Nicole Hallford said...

Wow, your dr sounds awesome! And you look so adorable!

Marcela Beatty said...

Congrats to you!

Olivia said...

Thank you!!

Olivia said...

Thank you! She IS awesome, I am so thankful to have found her!

Olivia said...

Thank you!! Having a doctor who makes you feel heard is so empowering!

Olivia said...

Thank you, friend! Pep talks are so needed along this journey!

Kate said...

What an adorable bump you've got going!! Can't believe it's week 23 already!!

Sara said...

What an awesome doctor! Seriously! Also, you are looking gorgeous and that dress is perfectly simple and lovely for pregnancy.

Annnd I didn't realize you had big babies as well. Big healthy babies are such a wonderful thing. :)