Friday, May 31, 2013

Life Lately

Life lately in bullet point format:
  • This weekend is Isabelle's 6th annual dance recital.  She called me at work today and said, "Hey Mom, I'm making a list of everything I need to pack for rehearsal tonight.  I think I have it all under control, I just need you to stop and pick up some bobby pins, okay?".  My heart literally almost burst with pride: A. Because she made a list and B. Because she is such a pro at this stuff, so confident, so professional.  I can not wait to watch her on that stage.
  • Shawn and I somehow managed to get both kids in bed by 7 pm last night (they were both exhausted from swimming all afternoon).  We took advantage of the free night to ourselves and watched "Django Unchained" and ate a lot of ice cream.  I loved the movie, it was classic Quentin Tarantino: dark humor, just enough gore, amazingly developed characters, and one liners for days.  And I somehow managed to stay awake through the whole thing: a legit miracle these days.
  • Our garden is bursting with produce right now, so much so that I've been spreading it around to friends and family and storing things away in the freezer for later.  Every single one of my expectations for the benefits of a raised bed garden have been unbelievably exceeded.  We are learning so many lessons along the way and have already decided on a few things we will do differently next year, like expand and create several different beds for instance.  But it has been such a fun year of gardening and I look forward to piddling amongst my plants every night.
  • Speaking of gardening: this is such an informative blog:
  • It's the start of summer and everyone is super into fitness right now, bikini season and all.  I have friends doing boot camp classes, CrossFit, vertical barre.  I must admit: I am jealous.  I am still exercising as much as my pregnant body will let me but I am so excited to hit the gym REALLY hard without the limitations of pregnancy.  Swimming is my saving grace right now: I try to get into the water as much as possible and just move the whole time.  Feeling weightless, getting sun, and burning calories all at the same time.  On that note, it's time to head into the kitchen for a snack...

    I stole this photo from Ashley: Brees on the boat, cracking a smile after I let her sip on
    my coveted cream soda.  That little smirk makes up for any grumpy toddler 
    behavior displayed before said soda drinking.  


Lucy The Valiant said...

I feel the same way about my gardens- I get so excited to play in them!
And swimming while pregnant is the best!

Randalin said...

I love that picture of you and Brees :)