Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Three Day Weekends Forever Please

Three day weekends can really make you smile, can't they?  It's amazing what just ONE
extra day off work can do for a person, how much more refreshed and revitalized it can
make you feel.  We did this past weekend right: the perfect blend of rest, work, and play.
I didn't feel the doom and gloom of a Monday workday hovering over me, I just felt free.  
On Friday: I went grocery shopping after work and got this week's meal planning
schedule taken care of.  I had a certain meal in mind all day and I took my time choosing all
of the ingredients, changed out of my work clothes and spent the next few hours in the
kitchen getting everything just so.  We sat down to a meal of salmon and crab, coleslaw
with fresh tomatoes and bacon, grilled asparagus, and tortellini with fresh basil and roasted
red peppers.  I felt so completely satisfied after that meal, every single pregnancy
craving served.  And Shawn gave me a big 'ole kiss and ran out for ice cream before bed.  It
was perfect.
On Saturday: We hit the river with our best friends.  Lots of mamas and daddies and babies
on the boat, swimming in the cool water, sipping on cream soda.  There's nothing better to
me during pregnancy than swimming, finally feeling weightless, floating in the sun.  Brees
was in a terrible mood for the first part of the boat ride and stayed glued to me, literally.
She relaxed after a nice swim and a turn "driving" the boat.  We later realized she was
terribly constipated, I'm sure the bouncing up and down on the water didn't feel
especially great to her tummy.  She made "it" happen after we got home, if you know what
I mean, and was back to her sweet and cuddly self in no time.  We spent the rest of the
night having a big slumber party: 5 adults and 6 kids.  We ate fajitas and chocolate chip
cookies and fresh peaches and stayed up REALLY late talking the way only best friends can.  
It was a wonderful day with especially wonderful people and we drove home the 
next morning feeling brand new.
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On Sunday: We took lots of naps, watched movies, and stayed in our pajamas all day.  
Because sometimes you just need a day like that.

On Monday: We all woke up really early and started our chores.  Shawn went to
physical therapy while the girls and I power cleaned the whole house.  We all had lunch
and then spent the rest of the day floating in the pool, listening to music and sipping on
sweet tea.  We grilled shish kabobs for dinner using squash, zucchini, and peppers from
our garden.  The girls cried when it was time to go inside and they realized they would have
to finally get out of their swimsuits.  We were all a little sunburned, I cut up some aloe for
after shower skin soothing.  As we said our prayers together before bed, we all thanked
each other for the best weekend ever.    

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Deanna Fike said...

how awesome would it be if life were just one big three day weekend? :)

Jessica said...

What a great weekend!! I wish the weather would warm up here so we could spend some time outdoors.
I love that last picture of Belle. She looks so grown up!
Have a great week! :)

Ashley said...

I love the pictures! We are so happy yall came - hope the little brother will like the boat too!

Olivia said...

YES! I really, really hope that, someday, I can find a way to work only 4 days a week. There's just something about having that extra day off. It's definitely a career goal of mine.

Olivia said...

She is growing so fast!! I really can't believe it! Have a great weekend!!

Olivia said...

Thank yall, as always, for having us! We'll have to try to do it again at least one more time before brother gets here!!

jodihall said...

Love these pictures! :) your garden looks amazing. and you are rocking that baby bump girl :P

Sara said...

What a fun time and lovely photos. Your garden seems to be paying you back for your love already. :)