Friday, October 28, 2011

Sweet Friday

In a few hours, Shawn and I are leaving for our first overnight trip since Brees was born.
We are headed to New Orleans for our annual trip to the Voodoo Music Experience,
an amazing festival held in City Park featuring bands of every genre imaginable.  This
year, we will be rocking out to the iconic band Soundgarden, a favorite of ours since we
were 14 years old.  We plan to eat at a few of our favorite restaurants, meet up with
old friends, and enjoy the freedom of just being together.
The excitement doesn't still the anxiety I am feeling over leaving our girls.  My heart
starts racing every time I think about going to bed and not being able to kiss them
goodnight.  It's only one night, I tell myself.  You deserve this, your marriage deserves
this.  But a mother's heart is the master of guilt.  Somewhere along the line, I developed
this sense of reasoning that taking time for myself was selfish, that doing anything that
didn't involve my kids was gluttonous and wrong.  I don't know why, it just
naturally happened.  Have you ever felt that way?
But I'm pushing all of that aside right now, I vow not to ruin this amazing opportunity
by being anxious and upset.  Shawn and I are about to load up our car and hit the
open highway, New Orleans bound.  We have a playlist with all of our favorite songs ready
to go, bags packed, babies well taken care of.  And tonight, when we are swaying under
the stars to the sounds of "Burden In My Hand", Shawn's arms wrapped around me, I
will take a deep breathe and know that my children are loved and cherished.  We will
return home tomorrow refreshed and revived and they will have better parents for it.
Here's to kicking guilt and worry to the curb.  We've earned it.

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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

you have earned it! have fun and enjoy yourselves, and know that your sweet babies are in safe hands!! :)

Anonymous said...

A well deserved night out for both of you. Your princesses will be fine and you will kiss them the next day!
Have a good time!

Caitlin said...

You have earned it! I'm sure that doesn't make the guilt go away (I'm not a mom but am also a master of making myself feel unjustifiably guilty). <3 Have so much fun!

Anonymous said...

you are a wonderful mama..

You deserve this trip.. I hope you and hubby have a wonderful weekend! And take lots of pics :D

Little Gray Pixel said...

Enjoy! I need to go to a concert something fierce ...

Sarbear said...

You have most definitely earned it, and you'll have wonderful stories to share with your girls when they're older. :) Have fun!


Lindsay said...

Sounds like a super fun overnighter. I am not a parent, but I hope you enjoy yourself and don't feel guilty one bit! I think taking time for yourselves will make you happier parents, resulting in happier children. Have FUN!

She Said... said...

you both DO deserve it. Hope you had a blast!
I feel guilty too when my mom wants to take chloe for a weekend. I know it's just to spend some quality time with her, but I can't help but feel a little guilty. But it is definitely something needed between a husband a wife - alone time, and it's so hard to come by these days!