Sunday, October 16, 2011

Steppin' Out

This weekend we stepped out for our city's annual Fall Art Walk.  The weather was
picture perfect and we were able to walk through the downtown streets for hours,
meeting local artists and marveling over their unique perspectives.  I have so many photos
to share from this magical night, but for now, here's what we wore...
Isabelle picked out her outfit all by herself, running down the stairs and twirling around
as she showed off her ensemble.  "This is my art show look" she told me proudly.  Oh,
how this stylish, creative little butterfly amazes me every single day.  We have enrolled
her in an art program at school and I am so excited to see her talent and love for
the arts evolve.  
Brees, on the other hand, seems to have a serious problem with clothes and loves
getting down to her diaper.  She takes her shoes and socks off as soon as we put them on
her tiny feet, has learned how to unbutton and unsnap every article of clothing she owns,
and strips down as quickly as we get her dressed.  My mama always told me that no
two children are exactly alike and wow, was she right.  I love watching them grow into
their own personalities and knowing that, as different as they may be, they are still
connected and bound by their sisterhood.
So here's to a flower child earth mama, a fashionista butterfly, and a barefoot hippie baby:
our own little puzzle, fitting together to create a family portrait of love.

Momma Go Round


Jodi Ann said...

Cute!! I love her art show look :) You have such a beautiful family.

Caitlin said...

I LOVE that look, she's adorable! Your little family is lovely :) And I'm sure Brees will grow out of randomly stripping before she starts school, hehe!

April said...

I love a good tunic and a pair of skinnies! How cute it is that your daughters are so different! My little guy is only a couple months, but he is already so different from his sis (much more mellow and relaxed)...can't wait to see them bond more! Love hearing your stories : )

ashley said...

Such pretty girls! Belle's sass needs bottled---she's fabulous! :)

Little Gray Pixel said...

Haha! It's awesome that you each have your own styles. And I'm laughing about Brees with her bare feet -- Alexa doesn't care for shoes, either, and she's always maneuvering her right foot out of socks/shoes.

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i love your tunic! and how adorable is isabelle's outfit. :)

Hilary@BabyMooHoo said...

love your tunic & the pop of color of those shoes! :) as usual, all 3 of ladies are absolutely adorable.

Anna {dear friend} said...

SO CUTE-- all of you! This sounds like a really nice day... I love the sound of this Fall Art Walk. I wonder if there's anything like that around where I live...

Have a good week! :)

Anonymous said...

I am loving that tunic. Isabelle is the cutest little model :D

Totally giggled at your barefoot hippie baby comment. She is just beyond adorable.

Hope you had a wonderful week and a great week! :D

KimBerly said...

Look at you and your beautiful girls. I love your top.