Thursday, October 27, 2011


Brees Elizabeth is 11 months old!!

In less than a month, Brees will be a year old and I am left sitting here wondering
how this year has flown by so fast!  
Here are her stats:
Feeding:  Brees began eating more table food and less baby food this month.  We have
been giving her servings of whatever we are eating as she shows interest and she has
been gobbling up everything in sight!  Her favorite foods this month have been:
spaghetti, grits, sweet potatoes, green beans, and cornbread dressing.  She is breastfeeding
5-6 times a day with her last feeding at 8pm.  She is no longer waking up at night to
nurse!  See how Brees baby led her own nightime weaning here.
Sleeping:  We ALL slept this month, FINALLY!!!!  After many, many restless nights
over the last few months, we finally decided it was time to move Brees to her own crib in
her nursery.  It was a very hard move for us as we had become very attached to
sleeping with our little one and loved being close to each other.  But as Brees became
more active and mobile, she began trying to climb out of bed, waking up every hour to
nurse, and crying off and on throughout the night.  It became very clear that she needed
her own space and so we made the transition from family bed to Brees in her crib.  After
only 3 nights of adjusting and a few tears (from both baby and parents), Brees is now going
to bed at 8 pm and sleeping through the night until around 7 or 8 in the morning.  Getting
a full night's sleep is something I will never, ever underestimate again!
Health:  Brees currently has 8 teeth and her incisors are making their way out as we
speak, creating two red, swollen bumps on her upper gums.  Teething is the pits, no
matter how you try to sugar coat it.  She has been a little more grumpy than usual and
chews on anything she can get her hands on.  Hopefully, these next 2 teeth will come
in quickly and she can have a break!   Brees now weighs 19 pounds and is still wearing
6-9 month clothing.  She is tiny and petite but has the personality and energy
of a giant!
Milestones:  Brees is walking!!  Actually, running, climbing, jumping, whatever mode
of transportation will get the job done.  She started walking on her 10 month birthday
and hasn't stopped since.  She quickly learned that those two chubby legs of hers were
much more efficient than crawling on all fours and she has made good use of them.
We thought she was a busy bee before: we had no idea what was in store!  She loves to
follow me around the house, walking behind me and babbling the whole way.  She also
started dancing this month, moving to the beat anytime she heard a piece of music.  Is
there anything more hilarious than a big diaper butt shaking it?  Dada remains her
favorite word but she has been saying Mama quite a bit.
Personality:  Brees seriously makes us laugh everyday!  She has such an adventurous
spirit and loves to explore and play.  I am completely terrified of what will happen to
our Christmas tree with this little girl on the loose!  She is a cuddler and loves to be
held, rubbed, and rocked.  She hates riding in her stroller and much prefers the comfort of
the Ergo.  For about the first hour after I get home from work, she is glued to my hip
and cries if I try to put her down.  She has become very shy around people she is not
familiar with, especially men with facial hair.  She has just discovered "Yo Gabba Gabba"
and will sit still for about 5 minutes to stare and dance.  She loves to lay her head on my
chest, twirl my hair, and hum.  She really knows how to tug at my heart.
This month Brees:
  • Became very interested in our pets, sitting on the window sill and watching them run around the yard, giggling every time they lick her toes, petting them and pulling their hair.
  • Started playing in her crib when she woke up in the morning, no longer crying right away to be picked up.
  • Learned to stack blocks
  • Continued to take her shoes, socks, clothing, and diaper off every chance she got
Thank you for bringing so much 
love into our lives, sweet girl!  

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Caitlin said...

Awww! She's growing up so fast :) So fun to see how their independence and curiosity grow with time.

randalin said...

Eeek - 11 months!? How??? Time goes by way too quickly with these little guys. Brees is the picture perfect 11 month old. Umm, those thighs?? So cute!

Jodi said...

She is so beyond cute!! Happy 11 month birthday Brees :)

Lindsay said...

It seems like every time I visit your blog Brees is having another milestone. This either means a) I am not visiting your blog enough, or b) she is growing SUPER fast! Maybe both?

Lindsay said...

It seems like every time I visit your blog Brees is having another milestone. This either means a) I am not visiting your blog enough, or b) she is growing SUPER fast! Maybe both?