Friday, October 21, 2011

Coffee Talk: The Answers Part 4

As this busy week winds down, I thought I would pour myself a cup of tea, enjoy the
view from our new, FINALLY completely finished back patio, and answer a question
from you, dear friends.  As Brees's one year birthday quickly approaches, I've been
thinking about this particular question a lot.
I can't believe how fast this year as flown...
What is you best family time memory? from MarieHarmony
Of all the many adventures and experiences we have embarked on this last year as a
family of four, there is one memory that stands out in my heart the most: Christmas
morning.  I come from a very large family and the holidays are always a busy time for
us.  There are so many parties and dinners and gatherings, people everywhere, laughter
and singing.  But for our first Christmas morning as a family of four, we decided to spend
the first few hours tucked away in our home, just us.  Shawn and I woke up early and
made cinnamon rolls and hot cocoa, putting all the finishing touches on Santa's
special delivery.  We scooped up our snuggly, sleeping Brees, only a month old, so small
and warm.  We walked upstairs and woke up Isabelle, her excitement filling the air the
way only a child on Christmas morning can.  We spent the next few hours opening
gifts, playing with new toys, eating breakfast, listening to Christmas music, lounging in
our pajamas.  I remember looking around at my little family: Isabelle overjoyed that she
had received the special doll she had been hoping for, Shawn taking photos and holding
his new baby girl, Brees sleeping peacefully through the entire thing.  I remember
feeling overwhelmingly happy, content, thankful.  This was one of those days where
you really, truly see and feel what life is all about, where you let every ounce of stress
and worry go and sink your heels into the present.  This was one of those days that
made me feel alive.
It was the best morning.
It's amazing to look back at these photos and see how much both of the girls have grown
since this special day.  This year, with Brees walking and talking and exploring every
thing that crosses her path, this year will be such a different experience.  I can't wait to
see what kind of memory we will make this Christmas morning...


Ashley Sisk said...

I just got a little excited with the prospect that Christmas is just around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Me too! i love christmas its my favorite holiday.. :) Such lovely pictures and a wonderful memory. I hope you have a great weekend my blog friend! :)

Sarbear said...

Oh man, Belle's face with the doll, it's so great.

Your day sounds like it was just as it should be, just the four of you enjoying your holiday together and soaking it all in. <3


Nesha said...

I love Christmas morning as well. There's just something about the Holidays that makes life so great!

Caitlin said...

It's amazing how much younger they look. Love Isabelle's "OMG" face, haha!

Marcela said...

You have a beautiful family and blog ( :

KimBerly said...

I love Christmas.