Sunday, October 30, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday: Halloween Edition

Saturday night we stepped out for a costume party at my cousin's house.  We had an
absolute blast dressing up, bobbing for apples, making gooey slime, and eating lots and lots
of treats!  I had full intentions of dressing us all up in coordinating costumes inspired by
the movie "Shrek" but, we ended up all going in our own directions.  What can I say?  We
are a family of creative individuals!  Here's what we wore:
Brees:  For her first Halloween, Brees was a busy bee, pretty appropriate considering
her personality!  This costume was also worn by Isabelle for her first Halloween and it
was such a sentimental moment to see her in it!  I purchased this costume at a specialty
shop and love all of the hand made details, especially the bonnet with antennas!
Brees's general dislike for clothing made dressing her up in costume rather difficult as you
will see in the photo below and she spent most of the night trying to undress
herself, per usual.
Belle:  Isabelle deemed herself "The Great Pumpkin Witch", taking a dress and headband
I found for her and adding her own special touches and accessories.  Her wig was from one
of my old Mardi Gras costumes and the purple poodle was her "magical watchdog".
Isabelle LOVES Halloween and all things dressing up!
Shawn:  My husband, who avoids attention like the plague and will barely let you take
his picture, chose his own costume this year: DJ Lance Rock.  He said, "I think I'll be this
dude because Brees really likes this show and she'll dig it".  I really, really love him for
this.  He made me laugh every time I glanced over at him for obvious reasons.
Liv:  I was, according to Isabelle, "The Great Cobweb Witch" (I love how she adds
"The Great" to everything:).  I bought a witch costume and then Isabelle accessorized me
as she saw fit, per usual.  I actually really loved my sunglasses and hope to wear
them regularly.
We had so much fun and the night was definitely a huge success.  I will treasure these
photos of our uncoordinated family forever and ever... 

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MJ said...

great costumes!! happy halloween ;)

ashley said...

ha! awesome costumes. y'all look great!

Jess Craig said...

i bet your kids LOVED having their dad dress as dj lance!

Caitlin said...

This is so adorable. And I love when I see women dressed up in fun costumes, not random "sexy" ones! Not that you would dress in one, but you know what I mean :) I loved this post.

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

Just adorable! I love how you all dressed up! :)

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i'm afraid i might be in love with your husband. :) i wish i could get peppy in a dj lance costume!

Little Gray Pixel said...

OK, I'll stop yelling. But I think you all look funky fabulous and you coordinate color-wise, so that's really all that matters. :-)

Sarbear said...

You all are awesome. I'm cracking up at Shawn's costume, in the best way possible. So fun for the kids I'm sure. :)


Love, Chelsea said...

What a great looking bunch!

Lindsay said...

Fantastic costumes. What a creative family! And your husband is so amazing for wearing that costume for Brees to get a kick out of. How sweet!

tracy@sellabitmum said...

You all are fabulous! My husband dressed up as DJ Lance also and our 2 year old FREAKED out. OMG it was unbelievable because she loves that show so much. She would not stop crying. lol

Galit Breen said...

Oh my, the fun! I absolutely adore that all of you dressed up!

Happy Halloween! :)

Sweet Green Tangerine said...

You guys look awesome! I love that your husband dressed up for the baby...that is the sweetest thing ever.

By Word of Mouth Musings said...

LOVE that you all dressed, come and see, The Princess was a bee for her first too!

Anonymous said...

I kept trying to convince my husband to go as DJ Lance this year, but he would have none of it! I love that your husband was such a great sport!

amy@agoodlife said...

love it! your husband is awesome.

Randalin. said...

You guys look amazing!!

She Said... said...

your halloween costumes were GREAT!

Greta said...

That is just the sweetest thing EVER, what your husband did. You all look just fabulous together!