Wednesday, April 24, 2013

22 Weeks

I entered full blown nesting mode this week.  As I looked around the house, all I could think
of was, "There's a baby coming and we have no place for any of his things!".  Which
is ridiculous and untrue but try telling my pregnancy hormones that.  I started cleaning
each room of the house from top to bottom: washing curtains and bedding, wiping
down baseboards, dusting ceiling fans and windowsills.  I then made my way to the
closets, cursing all the way home as I filled up one bag after another and placed them in
the donation pile.  Maybe it's just spring fever, maybe I've really just gone crazy, who
knows?  Either way, the house is looking immaculate and we are a few steps closer to
being ready for our little one.  My mission for this weekend is to rearrange the closets in
the girls' bedrooms to make room for a little brother.  Girls sharing their coveted
wardrobe space for a boy?  It should be interesting.
Besides the cleaning frenzy, I have felt really good this week.  My energy level has been up,
my weight gain slowed down, and all that cleaning and climbing and bending over seems
to have helped my aching round ligaments.  I scored a few nursing bras and washable
nursing pads from Zuilily and was happy to check a few things off my list.  As summer
quickly approaches, I am looking forward to Isabelle being out of school, our schedule
slowing down, and the whole family being able to be home and nest together.  Our last
few months as a family of four.
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Sara said...

So beautiful and look at that little belly button! :) I'm impressed by your immaculate home, haven't seen ours that way in awhile. :)

Olivia said...

HA! I bet they were thrilled to have a nesting mama taking care of them! This is the one phase of pregnancy that my husband loves, too!

Olivia said...

I'm sure it won't last very long with this crew! And that belly button: my oh my. That thing needs it's own zip code!

ashleywomble said...

Is that a popped out belly button I see? Such a cute little bump mama!