Thursday, April 11, 2013

20 Weeks

Halfway there, baby!  This week, my body has grown and stretched and blossomed,
my muscles and joints making way for the baby who is quickly taking ownership of
every single fiber of my being.  My boobs tripled in size literally overnight, resulting in
an emergency shopping trip that  may or may not have involved me crying in the
dressing room while simultaneously eating a chocolate chip cookie.  Damn those
dressing room mirrors and their fluorescent lighting. The weight that I have monitored
so closely and carefully literally doubled this week, my hormones and fluid balance
taking control and causing those numbers to climb at twice the speed they have thus far.
I walked with a limp all week despite my extra efforts on my yoga mat, my hips opening up
and causing severe weakness and pain as a result.  And as I caught a glimpse of myself in
the mirror one day and spied an extra chin or two, I just had to laugh at the absolute wonder
of the growing female pregnant body.  The daily changes, the rotating list of ailments
and symptoms, they are a wondrous sight!  For they are life in motion, they are the signs of
a healthy, growing, thriving baby and, for that, I'll take all the growth spurt related
symptoms thrown my way.
The baby's movements are developing a rhythm and I love the reassurance I feel when
he kicks and nudges me.  I had my first pregnancy craving this week: Ritz crackers,
cream cheese, and pepper jelly.  Shawn didn't miss a beat, bringing home the goods and
then laughing as I set up shop at the counter and ate to my heart's content.  I even shared a
few with him, lucky guy.  We bought a few new pieces of clothing for our little boy and I
sat down and made a list of the items we will need before he is born.  Every time I walk into
our room and see those tiny outfits hanging in my closet, my heart skips a beat, imagining 
who he will look like, picturing his little body nestled warm in my arms.  He is so loved already.

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Deanna Fike said...

oh liv, the dressing room story made me giggle and want to hug you at the same time. during my pregnancies, i was more upset with my huge breasts than anything else, because mine have always been tiny. i just didn't feel like myself with Ds, when i barely fit a B cup. thank goodness for chocolate chip cookies. ;-)

Jodi Hall said...

you have got the cutest little mama tummy ever! :) I get so happy reading these weekly updates. Your 20 weeks already! That is amazing :) I hope you have a great weekend

Sara said...

Mmmmm, pepper jelly. You are looking beautiful as always. I can't believe you are halfway there already.

Olivia said...

I can't believe it, either! Time is seriously flying by!

Olivia said...

Thank you!! I thank you for calling my tummy "little" because it already feels VERY big!!

Olivia said...

Dude, it's crazy! I went from a 34 A to a 36 DD in seriously one week. My boobs feel like they have taken on a life of their own! In other news, Shawn is loving life...

messy missi! said...

you look awesome and congrats on being pregnant! boys are the best!