Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Very Hungry Giveaway

Have you ever found a product that made you think, "I wish I would have known about
this SO long ago"?  Enter: Mimijumi's Very Hungry Baby Bottle!  The innovative
nipple design of this bottle is meant to perfectly replicate a mother's breast, making
the transition from breast to bottle more natural and soothing for baby.  When I first
pulled the Mimijumi bottle out of its box, Isabelle and I both giggled, amazed at how "real"
it actually was.  The bottle is completely BPA, EA, and latex free and is very
easy to open and clean.  The nipple is incredibly soft and Brees took to it immediately.  
The bottle features a very wide neck which makes pouring milk into it easy and 
prevents spilling your hard earned breastmilk.  It's dishwasher safe which this working 
mama definitely appreciates.  This bottle features a removable non-skid bottom which 
our babysitter has raved about: she can hold Brees on her hip, pour the milk into the 
bottle, twist the nipple on, all with one hand.  The non-skid bottom prevents the bottle 
from moving around while you get everything prepared.

Since first giving this bottle to Brees a week ago, she has abandoned all other sippie cups and
bottles, much preferring this mama look-a-like bottle instead.  We gave Brees her first
bottle of pumped milk at 6 weeks old, preparing both of us for my return to work.
She struggled with the transition of breast to bottle, rejecting the bottle nipple and
its rubbery texture.  How I wish we would have had this soft, natural bottle then.  It's
simple, safe, and effective: my 3 favorite things.    If we are blessed with baby #3 in the
future, I know exactly what bottle I will stocking up on...
The lovely folks at Mimijumi have graciously offered to share one of their
breastfeeding friendly bottles to one of you lucky readers!  This is a product I
honestly believe in, a bottle I feel is the perfect addition to a healthy breastfeeding
routine.  To enter to win, simply leave me a comment below telling me YOUR favorite
drink as well as your email address.  A winner will be chosen at random next week!  


Katrina said...

I personally love sugar free vanilla iced coffees from McDs!!!

ykatrina at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Vanilla bean frap from starbucks (double blended)

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm kind of a boring gal....I love carbonated water with a squeeze of lemon. I've lived on it during these 9 months of pregnancy!

Sarbear said...

I would love to win one for my future bambino. Even though I will most likely be home with the kiddos for a bit, I like the idea of being able to pump to allow for Eric to feed them too, or the option of having someone watch them for a bit so we can have a date night or what not. Oh, and my favorite drink lately is organic apple juice on ice, but I usually stick to water.


Vivaciousgold said...

My favorite drink is grape juice-

LaDell said...

My favorite drink is iced or hot chai tea latte. I have a friend who is due to give birth to a sweet bundle of joy next week and this would be a perfect little gift! Email:

Ms. Liv...I continue to enjoy and vote for your blog daily! :)

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

My favorite drink is fruit punch Gatorade! :-)

mj said...

I love the look of this bottle and would love to use it with my baby due in May.
My drink of the moment is sparkling juice. I just found your blog and am loving it!
I am a peds RN, so I loved your I am a nurse post as well!

luna said...

I love hot tea, :)