Sunday, January 15, 2012

Steppin' Out Saturday

Saturday we had a rare day of one on one time with our youngest.  Isabelle spent the
day playing at her cousin's house, packing a bag full of Barbies and giving us a million kisses
to carry us through.  That left a whole day with baby Brees who did not object to being
the sole recipient of all our attention one bit.  I held her almost all day, covering her in
kisses and rocking her to sleep in my arms.  Not having to worry about spreading my
love around equally was nice, allowing me to just breathe in my baby girl completely.
Isabelle came home after dinner with plenty of stories to tell about her day and we fell
right back into our normal rhythm, the balance taking over right where it left off.  As much
as I loved spoiling my Brees, the world felt right with Belle back in the mix.
A few photos of the baby and I before church:
Mama wore:
Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Mandy's closet
Tights: F21
Boots: AA Western
Brees wore:
Top and leggings: Carters
Jacket: Little Lindsey
Hat: Melondipity
I scored this gorgeous skirt during one of Mandy's Shop My Closet sales.  I love the
vibrant colors and versatility: I can pair it with tights for winter or a tank and sandals
 for summer. And Brees really loved hiding in the flowy layers...

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Nessa Bixler said...

Oh my I love that skirt!

Little Gray Pixel said...

I love both your outfits! And Brees looks so cute in her little hat. Dolls, both of you.

ashley said...

i'm always tardy to the party with mandy's closet. you scored an awesome find! gorgeous as always! =)

Kristina said...

Love it. The colors are fantastic!

April said...

B looks totally happy getting all that love from her mama! It can be sooo hard to divide the attention.

You girls looks lovely!!

Lil Muse Lily said...

love the colors in your skirt and love Brees hat

Jessica@TiredYetInspired said...

That hat is too cute!!! And love the boots and skirt combo on you. :)

Maegan said...

Pretty ladies! Love her bonnet, and that skirt ... when is her next shop my closet sale, you scored!

Sounds like a good day for everyone :)

Wendy said...

Brees hat is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. And my, she is getting so big!

Oh, How Happy We Are said...

Just happened upon you via the pleated poppy. You and that cute baby of yours are darling. I love that you included her and notes re what she wore in your post. You are inspiring me to document my 5 year old's style. Really, don't you wish they made kids clothes in adult sizes?

erika said...

love your skirt!Visiting from The Pleated Poppy.

Chandra said...

Love all the colors! Experiencing a bit of boot envy too :D

Simply.Lovely.Things said...

What a cute little girl! :) And of course you too. Love the skirt!

New follower from The Pleated Poppy

Ania said...

Adorable mama and baby combo. So cute. I love your outfit and the colours in it. the purples and the pinks rock.

Melaina25 said...

How cute are you two!

I hope you'll stop by and link-up with What I Wore Wednesday, too!

Rachel said...

beautiful skirt!!! and wowie what a cutie your little girl is! that hat is the most adorable hat ever :D
Rachel x