Friday, January 20, 2012

Sweet Friday

This week has been oh so good!  I was able to take a day off work for no particular
reason other than to get things done that I've been neglecting.  I brought Brees for a
check-up with her pediatrician, tried a few new recipes from my food board on
Pinterest, continued working on beautifying our master bedroom, and made it to the
gym 3 times!  My New Year dreams are in full swing.  I would LOVE to give meal
planning another try as I failed miserably at it last year so if you have any suggestions
and/or tips to share, please do.  I feel like meal planning would keep us organized and help
us make more cost efficient, healthier choices.  Plus, it would make getting dinner ready
after a long day at work seem not so daunting.
It's all about growing this year.
Here are a few things around the internet that have inspired me this week:
One of my dear friends, Cara, and her sister have just opened their own Etsy shop.  She
just sent me these lovely earrings as well as two jars of her fresh, homemade jam.  Visit
A Sudden Desire so you can ooh and ahh over all their lovely hand made items!
One of the very first blogs I ever started following was Mila's Daydreams.  Adele Enersen
is a concept designer turned stay at home mom who started taking amazingly creative
photos of her daughter while she took her naps.  Those photos made her blog crazy
famous.  Then they became a book that I've had on reserve for almost a year.  When I
finally received my copy of "When My Baby Dreams", Isabelle and I read through it 10
times.  It is just as beautiful as I knew it would be, and more.  Belle loves the photos of
baby Mila riding Chinese dragons and floating through candy cane forests.  I just knew
you will love them, too.
I love blogging with all my heart and soul, I love being able to express myself creatively,
I love recording these special moments we are living.  But, I don't always have the time
to delve as completely into this little hobby of mine as I would like.  Most weeks, I have
just enough time to write out my posts and get them out between work and family
life.  There's not very much time left over to comment on other blogs or respond to all of
the very thoughtful and meaningful comments I receive on my own blog.  Elizabeth wrote
a post that drew me to tears, a post that reassured me that putting my computer aside
to instead rock my baby or read one more story is way more important than commenting.
I love all of you, I love that you take the time to comment on what I write.  If I don't
respond or comment back, it's not because I'm snobby or disrespectful.  It's simply because
I work full  time as a nurse and I really miss my kids and husband while I'm at work
and when I get home I don't have very much free time.  Thank you for being so kind to
me and showing me so much love.  I'm giving it back to you in my thoughts and sending
you good energy, I promise.
Hilary gave shared some tips on budgeting here, here, and here.  Very practical and
sound advice, totally got me motivated and inspired!
Randalin gave us a peek into her beautiful home through a week long series starting
here.  I've been itching to do a home tour series on the ole' blog as well.  Great way to
finish up a few projects and share our progress.
A few blogs I've just found and am loving: one, two, and three.
Here's to a wonderful weekend, dear friends!!  We are taking a trip to the museum
and cooking up a Mexican fiesta.  Peace and love to you all!

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MarieHarmony said...

Looks like a lovely week. Don't worry , family comes first, we all agree with this.
Every post is a delight to me so continue to write and enjoy the Museum & the Mexican Fiesta!

Little Gray Pixel said...

Those earrings are suh-weet, and they go so nicely with your blog buttons. :-)

We've been meal planning for awhile, and the thing that helps us is deciding to eat the same thing for lunch every day (lately it's been salad). Then we pick a meal we've really been wanting -- say, enchiladas. So I think of the things that I can make using similar ingredients, and I plot out a few more meals in that same vein, that way I'm just buying the same seven ingredients for the whole week instead of 50. Make sense?

sillywagon said...

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Randalin. said...

Thanks for the mention!!! I loved doing the home tour - but OMG blogging everyday is not for me!! I think that will be the last time I attempt participating is something like that.

We should talk meal planning. I'm pretty sure I have it down to a science!

Luisa Rodríguez said...

i've just found you blog through blog hop and i'm so glad i did.
loved this post - i hope you find the way to real growth this year!

it must be (so)... liberating

Luisa Rodríguez said...

oh, and thank you so much for the links to those beautiful blogs!

it must be (so)... liberating