Sunday, August 28, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday

This weekend, we stepped out for a Mamas and Babies Girls' Night with two of my very
best friends.  It was super low key and exactly what I needed after a long work week.
The temperature actually stayed in the upper 90s all day and we were able to step
outside without feeling like the apocalypse was near.  I got so excited by the promise of
cooler weather to come that I slipped on my new red velvet flats!  Every girl should own
at least one pair of red shoes: I instantly feel like dancing when I put them on!  I
bought Isabelle's dress at the French Market in New Orleans when she was only 3 years
old.  I knew it would be several years before she could wear it but just couldn't pass up
a hand-made linen tie died dress!  Yet another piece of her wardrobe I wish were available
in adult size...The girl's got style, that's for sure.  

Here's what we wore:

Momma Go Round


Hilary@BabyMooHoo said...

you are right on about the red shoes--a girlfriend and i bought matching red heels a couple of years ago, and they are my go-to shoes to make me feel like a sassy superwoman.

love your jeans, you look great!

Joyful Sparrow said...

I'm always finding little girl clothes I wish were available in big girl sizes. Such cute stuff!

It's so sweet to see your family grow..I know I say it almost every time I comment, but your girls are so, so precious. But you know that already, cause you're their mama!
:-) Happy Sunday, dear!

April said...

Such a goo idea to go out with the GFs and kids! And I've been on the hunt for red shoes...time to check out Target!

KimBerly said...

I love your steppin out posts. You girls are so pretty and stylish.

Anonymous said...

Hot Momma! Those red shoes are awesome, I might be hitting up Target for a pair to join my collection. And your girls are stunning as always..

Melanie said...

I love the outfits on those mini models of yours!

Sarbear said...

Adorable. I love Belle's dress. I understand your buying things in advance. I already have clothing and such for future non-existent kiddos. Some things you just can't pass up. :)

Anonymous said...

You all look stunning and adorable ... and your girl has got posing for the camera down! I need lessons from her! Too cute!

Megan said...

Y'all are adorable! I always try to buy clothes now for our future kids. Hahaha. Husband thinks I'm crazy.

Caitlin said...

Those flats are adorable! And you look lovely as always :)

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

What sweet pictures!! Your family is adorable! I'm in GA, so I know what you mean when you express gratitude for temps that only reach the 90s.

Glad you had a great time!

P.S. Thanks so much for your kind words when you visited my blog.

The Poole Family said...

I need your shirt!!!!!! And your shoes!!!!! And your necklace!!!!! Please and thank you. :)

The Poole Family said...

Oh, wait!!!! I need your jeans, too!!! I would look funny in just your shirt, necklace, and shoes..... ;) Hahaaaa!!

She Said... said...

LOVE the red shoes!

Ania said...

Love the shoes, the are super cute. And your daughter's outfits are adorable.

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

Hi! Found your blog through FTLOB. You are definitely right about red shoes. Everyone needs a pair! I love the pic of your daughter in her dress--a fashion blogger in the making! Have you seen Small Style at It's a platform to show off your kids' style!