Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Girlfriend Guide: Melissa from Hi, Baby

This week's edition of The Girlfriend Guide features one of the funniest mama's on the
blog block: Melissa from Hi, Baby.  Between planning a wedding, caring for three
beautiful little girls, and working towards her degree, this lovely lady is seriously doing it
all.  She still makes time to kick up her heels and enjoy her girls, though, and I think you
will find her outlook on friends to be truly awesome!
hi, baby
a mom, a almost wife, a student, a little reality tv obsessed.
having my cake and eating it too.

1. Introduce us to your best friend!  When, where, and how did you meet? 
you, know...i have tried the one best friend thing and it never worked out; girls can be
petty drama obsessed bitches (feel free to edit, lol) for reals. in my old age i have
learned having a group of whole gals you can lean on is more important. especially
recently, especially via blogging i have come into contact with some AMAZING strong
ladies and even better mamas, that i am holding close to my heart hoping they all turn
into life long friends.
2. What is your personal definition of friendship? 
someone you can be your absolute self with, that will tell you when you should change
your top or wash your hair, someone you can trust your kids with.
3. What qualities do you look for in a girlfriend?
see above.
4. How do you balance spending time with friends and fostering 
relationships with work and family? 
through trial and error i have found it is really hard to keep friendships with people who
don't have kids or a similar pace of life, going strong. don't get me wrong, one of our
best couple friends are kidless and not married but they think my girls are hilarious and
love being around then; i can't say this is true for all past friends. so, long story short i
blend playdates and mommy dates and once a month me and those mommies call
bankruptcy on life and head out for a night of wine.

5. What advice would you give other women about having healthy, 
happy friendships? 
if your having to turn on and off different personalities to suit your friends opinions then
there is no happiness to be had in the end. finding someone you can laugh with till it hurts
(or you pee) is really key in a true friend.

6. How has having strong friendships enriched your life? 
it makes me happier at home, a better mom thanks to all of the support and advice i
receive from my smart mama friends, and you know...'happy wife, happy life!'
7. What is your favorite girlfriend memory you have shared? 
i can't pick just one! lately i have been out on some epic girls nights, where beer and wine
may or may not have been involved! i live for a night to trade in a diaper bag for a purse!
Thank you so much for sharing, Melissa!  Seeing all of my favorite bloggers in one
photo is just too cool!  You girls are so lucky to have each other!
If you are interested in participating in the Girlfriend Guide,
contact me at the email address below for more information!


Rylie said...

hey, great blog! new reader. :)

Amanda Michelle said...

yay loved this post! these are all the exact reasons why melissa is such an amazing friend to me! she definitely holds a special spot in my heart! xo