Friday, March 25, 2011


Friday afternoon and preparing to head to work for the weekend. House is cleaned, fridge stocked, babies happy, Daddy prepared. Spring is in full swing here in Louisiana, what little bit of spring we get (Louisiana's seasons are a bit different than the rest of the country, didn't you know? We have Summer, Unimaginable Heat End of Summer, 2 weeks of Fall or, as my grandmother called it, the "Cold Snap", Winter, and 2 weeks of Spring). We have been spending our days playing outside as much as possible as this gorgeous weather is just too perfect to miss. The tire swing has been swaying back and forth under the pecan tree, filling the air with little girl giggles. And the azaleas, nothing feels like home to me more than the blooming of the azaleas. The vibrant color of the bushes brings new life to our yard after a cold, dreary winter.

In other news, Brees has developed a yucky case of pink eye:( Poor little lamb, she has been cutting a tooth, got her 4 month shots on Wednesday, and then woke up this morning with swollen eyelids and copious amounts of drainage. It's not surprising that because of all this, she has not been sleeping well and howls any time we try to put her down. So, I have basically thrown all of my sleep training guidelines out the window and put her in the big bed with Mama and Daddy the last two nights. She slept much more soundly surrounded by all that comfort and love...Hopefully, with a little more Tylenol, the eye ointment prescribed for her infection, and lots of extra cuddling, she'll be back in business in no time.

Here's the little lamb and her oh so watery eyes:

Have a wonderful weekend!!! I will be racing around the hospital, spreading good springtime cheer!

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