Friday, February 25, 2011

Um, maybe it's time to start being a responsible parent and actually use the straps intended to keep the baby in place?!! Baby Brees has become quite the wiggle worm and this is how I found her in her swing. Way to go Mom!!!

In other news, Project 31:

Day 2. What makes you uniquely you?

When I think of what makes me unique, the first thing that comes to my mind is my family. We are a big, loud, warm Cajun family. My mother has 5 siblings and we grew up all living in the same small Louisiana town on the bayou. I am blessed to have over 60 cousins, all of which I see on a regular basis. So much of who I am has been shaped and molded around our Cajun culture and our close family ties. I grew up with a team of moms and dads in the form of loving aunts and uncles. My best friends are my cousins. They say it takes a village, well, we are the living proof. My family is the reason Shawn and I moved home to the bayou from the big city. When Isabelle was born, we knew that we wanted to be close to this big, crazy bunch. I wanted her to have the same experience growing up as I did. I wanted her to be able to go to school with all her cousins, have her grandmother live right next door, to know that this special little town is where her roots are. We have lived here for almost 7 years now and I know in my heart that it was the best decision we ever made. Being close to the ones you love is invaluable. The support system we have here is unbelievable. There's something so incredibly real about knowing that if anything goes wrong, you have an unlimited number of people who will unconditionally love you and be there for you.

My family is everything to me. The way we all walk into each other's houses without knocking, the way you can always count on a certain aunt to give you all the town gossip, the uncle who always stops by to help take your trash out, the late night talks on the porch with the cousins. I grew up thinking everyone's family was like that. But no, they are not. We are unique, we are blessed, and I am a thankful woman for having so much love.

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