Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Most Beautiful Time Of Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I've spent the last two weeks wrapped up in
my family, away from the computer, creating the most amazing memories.  This was
an amazing time for our little tribe filled with our favorite things: friends, family, faith,
and lots and lots of home cooked food.  We took full advantage of the four day
Christmas weekend and spent quality time with everyone we love, enjoying a big
family gathering with my mom's side of the family complete with a bonfire on Saturday
and a gumbo football party with my dad's side on Sunday.  Isabelle and I hopped in the
car one afternoon and went door to door visiting friends home for the weekend, catching
up with dear familiar faces.  My mother in law arrived in Louisiana on Sunday night and
our girls had so much fun being spoiled by their Nana.  It was an exhausting, chaotic, hell
of a good time weekend and I enjoyed every moment.
Christmas Eve was for pretty dresses, a candlelit Mass, and baking cookies.  We spent
the day in the kitchen: the girls decorating a gingerbread house and getting pedicures
from their Nana while I cooked a Christmas roast, garlic mashed potatoes, and
asparagus.  We dressed Isabelle in her angel costume and made our way to the church
for Christmas Eve mass.  It was a beautiful night and the girls looked angelic as they
made their way to the church, leading the procession and welcoming the baby Jesus.
Our friends, Jessica and Cade, came home with us after church and we all enjoyed a big
meal together.  I had big plans for the little ones that night: a few stories, gifts to
open, Christmas caroling, but they were exhausted by the time dinner was done.
They opened up their Christmas jammies, a yearly tradition, and we read them a story
about the elves who make special pajamas so that little boys and girls will fall fast asleep,
so deeply asleep that they never hear Santa's arrival.  The pajamas worked because the
girls went straight to bed, their little eyes already closing as we tucked them in.  Our
big plans were postponed for the next day, the girls needing rest from all the activity
and sugar.  Shawn and I made our way out to the barn to pick up Santa's gifts,
putting together a car for Brees in the cold night air, laughing at ourselves for not doing
it earlier but enjoying the time together regardless.  After everyone was asleep, I turned
on some Christmas music and finished up the dishes, filled the stockings, and enjoyed a
few chocolate chip cookies with a cup of tea.  It was quiet in the house, twinkly lights
glowing and my heart full.  It was a special Christmas Eve for our little family: old
traditions celebrated and new traditions started.
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Deanna Fike said...

i love your girls in their matching dresses! and belle as an angel was so beautiful!

Wendy said...

You look stunning in that orange dress! And it sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year, Mama!

Hilary@MooHooVille said...

those matching dresses! so, so sweet.

Randalin said...

This sounds and looks like such an incredible holiday! I am always jealous of your big family get togethers!!

Sara said...

What a lovely family and lovely Mama! You look amazing and so happy. :) Happy New Year to you and yours!

Vanessa said...

Love all the beautiful dresses! The sleeves on your dress are my favorite length; I wish that length were more easy to come by.

Lucy the Valiant said...

They look so pretty in their fancy dresses! And I swear, that late-night Christmas Eve time stuffing stockings is one of my absolute favorite things about motherhood. I had It's A Wonderful Life in the background this year, and everyone else was sleeping, and it felt just about perfect!

Olivia said...

Belle was on a mission for matching dresses and Zuilily came to the rescue! Great prices and the girls really liked them!

Olivia said...

Thank you! I bought it from Mandy from Harper's Happenings when she did an Instagram Shop My Closet Sale! I love that dress!!

Olivia said...

It was really great, I'm still smiling about it.

Olivia said...

So cute, right?! Belle loves when they match so I try to accommodate!

Olivia said...

Thank you!! It was a really great time!

Olivia said...

Best length ever! I don't really like long sleeves, they get in my way. These were perfect! And comfy,too!

Olivia said...

I totally agree! It's just one of those amazing mommy moments, that moment when you realize that you are happier doing for others than getting something for yourself. It's just so special.

Vanessa said...

Even worse than long sleeves? Those kinda-sorta short sleeves that can't decide whether they're sleeves. Ugh. Just make it a tank top.