Thursday, January 10, 2013



Eating...stuffed cabbage rolls using this recipe.  One of my favorite patients has the
biggest, most amazing garden I have ever seen.  He gives me big bags of veggies every time
I go to see him and for that I am truly grateful.  This week, he gave me a gigantic head
of cabbage as well as a pound of ground venison from the deer he hunted this year.  I
decided to combine this collection of homegrown goodness and try my hand at cabbage
rolls.  They were delicious, hearty, and a real crowd pleaser.  Score.
Reading...this list of moments that restored our faith in humanity this year.
This list of albums that are all now 20 years old.  Out of this list of 29, I was only missing
3 from my collection: Mariah Carey, Archers of Loaf, and Stereolab.  The caption at
the beginning of this list reads "Sorry if this makes you feel totally ancient".  Yeah, it
doesn't.  It makes me feel f*cking awesome and blessed beyond belief to have been
a teenager during this epic time in music.  Long live the grunge!!!
This adorable pregnancy announcement.
This article on motherhood and why we're not failing.
This awesome list of songs and the moments they remind you of.  (Vanessa, see the list
of 29 above).
"Tell The Wolves I'm Home" by Carol Rifka Brunt.  Amazing so far.
Considering...a new hairdo.  But, I'm a chicken so it probably won't happen.  My long
hair and I are best friends, we go way back, we make each other comfortable.  Maybe
a different color?  Could I be a redhead?
Missing...the outdoors.  It's been raining here for 10 straight days.  Louisiana is quite
a miserable place to be in January.  It's cold and rainy and we are cooped up indoors and
we are not happy about it.  But then February comes with its warmer temps and peeks
of sunshine and Mardi Gras parades and the world gets a little bit brighter again.  

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Lucy The Valiant said...

I love that article about motherhood! Sometimes we need that reminder!

Jaimee @ Craft, Interrupted said...

I love your "Currently Reading!" Great method for sharing beyond books! And *fist bump* for Grunge! I'm missing the outdoors, too...been dreary for endless days where we are in GA, but supposed to be nice this weekend. Can't wait to get some SUNshine!

Deanna Fike said...

i think about new hairdos all the time. but then i ask myself if i would actually keep up with styling it. and the answer is usually no. :)

Deanna Fike said...

also, i don't read the kincaid parade, but that pregnancy announcement is beyond adorable.

Randalin said...

I seriously need to do something with my hair! I've had the same style over 10 years - with some bang variations. I often find that bit of colour and a trim makes me feel a thousand times better. My hair has gotten really long and I rarely, rarely do anything with it besides put it in a ponytail. Still, whenever I cut any kind of significant length, I always regret it.

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Put me in the "new hairdo" club as well. One of these days... years...

Vanessa said...

LOL -- I'd already gone to the 29 albums and come back before I saw your note telling me to go. I have so many of those albums, too. Funny memory time: I remember when I bought "Doggy Style" at the overpriced record store at the mall and systematically went about memorizing all the scandalous lyrics with my friends on the drive home. We had a Discman precariously balanced on the dashboard of the car that was rigged through the tape deck (not unlike my current iPod situation, ironically). D-O-double G-Y-D-O-double G-ya see. Wait, was that off The Chronic instead? Oh well. I'm just rambling about my short-lived infatuation with gangsta rap, never mind me.

(I could do another blog post of memories from songs off those albums, easily, btw.)

Vanessa said...

Also, I love your hair and wish it were mine. That is all.

OTandET said...

I cut all my hair off this past summer and have been frowning about it ever since. Yours is pretty. Maybe some fun spring highlights? And I REFUSE to read the grunge list, haha, it would so make me feel ancient. Awesome but ancient :)

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